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Elaine is finally back at the hotel. She obviously marched straight past the reception desk upon entering, and made a beeline for the elevator. We know this because she comes back to the desk later. She was probably trying to avoid speaking to any of the staff, all of whom she probably suspect are crooked and responsible of accomplicing such horrific crimes.

On Closer Inspection...:
Elaine almost blends in with her surroundings as she comes down the hallway. She does provide a little contrast against the beige colored walls, cream colored trim with semi-gloss sheen, bright crimson carpeting, ornate mirrors and decorated gold trimmed framed artwork. The hallway is very well illuminated, as are other areas in the hotel - a reminder of renovations done to keep up with the times. At first Elaine thought this hotel, this, work of art, was a piece of travel writer's heaven. Now she wants to figure out the mystery, and then get out of this place as fast as she can.

Here on the 6th Floor is the third half-round table that we will see. It is another wooden table with a batch of purple flowers within a decorative white vase. There is an oval, gold rimmed mirror above the table.

Elaine makes her way to the door to her room. She inserts the key into the lock of this heavy old brown door. She turns the key, goes to turn the knob, and then goes to push the door open. Unfortunately, this old door catches on her slightly.

Maybe it's fortunate that the door did catch. Because the door is giving Elaine a little bit of problems, she goes to give the door a slight push with her right shoulder. And because she tilts her head in the process to avoid hitting it as she pushes the door open, Elaine is looking down as the door pops open.

And it's lucky that Elaine did look down. What's this, she thinks, as she notices Gail's card.

Gail's white card provides a nice contrast against the dark green carpeting.

The card is a little farther into the room than it was when we first saw it, right after Gail first pushed it under Elaine's door. This is because when Elaine opened the door, the sweep of air created by the door gliding above the carpeting causes the card to slide into the room as the door is opened.

Elaine gets a strange feeling as she bends down to pick up the card. Gail is missing, and here is one of her business cards, so she's obviously been to the hotel. Elaine is getting the bad feeling that the hotel might have done something to the young engineer.

Musical Note:
The music rises in ominously as Elaine begins to pick up the card. This in itself is another way of hinting that something is wrong.

Elaine picks up the card. She studies it for a second. Many different scenarios run through her head as she fears for the safety of the young Ms. Myers. If only Elaine had have been around yesterday, when Gail had come by, she might still be alive.

Upon studying the card, Elaine does what most people do naturally. She flips the card over. And it's a good thing she did. Gail has written a message on the back. She was hoping that Elaine would get her message, and luckily, she did. Luckily, none of the housekeepers nor any of the other nosy staff members came into Elaine's room, where they possibly would have seen the card and potentially have destroyed it.

On Closer Inspection:
In cursive writing on the back of her business card, Gail Myers has written the following:

I found it.
   I'm going to look.

Gail leaving this card is the best thing that ever could have happened. This, along with the fact that the City Engineer's Office has already reported her missing, are the two things that truly help Elaine to convince the Sargeant that something horrible is really going on in this innocent looking hotel. This is some of that definitive proof that Elaine has been looking for.

Elaine is shown again, marching to the registration desk. The first time it was to ask about Mrs. Beecher. This time she's hinting around wanting to know about Gail. Gail surely stopped by the registration desk on her way in.

Musical Note:
The music fades into the hustle and bustle of patrons traversing through the lobby. There are three ladies and a gentleman at the end of the hall and one of Porter's baggage carts sitting against the left wall.

Even if Elaine suspects foul play, she retains an air of innocence. She speaks with a soft and somber voice, disguising it to sound as if she has given up her search to find the truth:

Elaine: Excuse me. Did anybody come by looking for me yesterday?

Abraham was only slightly interrupted by Elaine, but he doesn't mind, that's what he's there for. He says no, but look at the smirk on his face. It almost screams guilty, but he plays it off to be because of his courteous nature.

Abraham: No, not that I recall.

Elaine doesn't necessarily believe Abraham, and asks if the hotel's other clerk could have possibly taken a message for Elaine that this clerk knew nothing about. It's a definite possibility. But is there any other clerk? It seems that there should be, however, we have only seen Abraham manning the desk with all of the gusto and vigor that he usually does. Elaine asks, in just a soft and unsuspecting voice.

Elaine: Would the other clerk know?

Abraham: Let me check.

On Closer Inspection...:
Abraham goes and checks Elaine's empty mail slot. It's in the third section of slots from the right, fifth row from the top, last slot on the right.

Using his index finger, he systematically seeks out her box, and, finger placed on the bottom of the slot's small opening, he turns to face Elaine. There is nothing. Elaine isn't surprised.

On Closer Inspection...:
The flower arrangement sitting in the decorative and ornate golden vase on the right end of the counter is the same as when we saw it earlier, when Elaine was asking Abraham what happened to Mrs. Beecher, back on Page 12.

Abraham is still grinning as he walks back to the counter, where Elaine is patiently awaiting a reply...

Abraham: No, I'm sorry, Miss Kalisher.

Elaine is very suspicious of Abraham. Especially with his unorthodox grinning... She has every right to be. We know Gail saw him yesterday. Maybe he forgot? No. He's completely lying. He is staying perfectly innocent with his didn't see Gail Myers excuse.

Elaine is still serene in tone, even though she can tell Abraham is lying to the nines. She doesn't yet know he is part of the conspiracy, but she now suspects the entire staff. And with good reason. Elaine is trying to prevent causing any future problems for herself by pretending she doesn't suspect anything, but Abraham doesn't buy it.

Elaine: Thank you.

Abraham watches Elaine walk off. His smirk suggests that he is content in believing he has handled the situation perfectly. He doesn't think Elaine suspects a thing, as her tone was too recessed. He is probably ecstatic thinking that somebody is getting away with murder, right behind Elaine's back. His happiness comes from knowing he is accomplicing a crime, and that he is able to play it off so well, making Elaine believe he doesn't know a thing...

Elaine knows Abraham's putting on a front. She knows he's probably lying about seeing Gail, and she knows that he probably knows more about Mrs. Beecher's early check out than he let off... Elaine is smart, and runs to the one person who has been there for her, throughout the entire ordeal. She goes straight to the office Sargeant Madden, down at the LAPD police station. He might not have believed Elaine at first, but she has been slowly winning him over.

We see a white sheet coming out of either a fax machine or a older dot matrix printer. More than likely a printer due to the detatchable holed edges provided to help feed the paper through the machine. Golden watch on a left wrist, black uniformed arms grab ahold of the paper as it comes out. Left hand on the top left corner, right hand on bottom right corner. As the camera follows, it pans out to reveal an LAPD patch atop the shoulder on the right arm. It is a uniformed officer who has just taken this sheet out of the printer. He has been expecting this sheet, and now that it has printed up, he is rushing the copy to Sargeant Madden, asap.

This is the fourth time Elaine has bothered the poor detective: once when he was first called about the murder, and three more times when Elaine has come to his office. But this time, Elaine will prove that she has been right all along. When the uniformed officer opens the Sargeant's door, you can hear the hustle and bustle in the background of the busy police station.

On Closer Inspection...:
Here we can get a better shot of the door glass, which reads "DETECTIVE SARGEANT MADDEN" in a standard 2 inch tall, black san serif font.

Location, Location, Location:
The police station set was created on a studio sound stage at the film's Production Company, Wilshire Court Productions. As the City Engineer's Office was also a set created on a sound stage, this explains why the lettering on the City Engineer's Office door matches the font on the Sargeant's Office door.

On Closer Inspection...:
Remember the Missing Person fliers on the window next to the file cabinet? There's been another one added since the last time Elaine was here. It's on top of the other two. There sure seems to be a lot of missing people here in Los Angeles... Of course, with a hotel like the Wessex swiping people up on a regular, an overwhelming number of missing people might not be that hard to fathom... Rather scary, if you think about it. This definitely might be her last assignment as a writer.

Officer: Here you are, Bernie.

The unknown officer, who was mistakenly left out of the credits, hands the Sargeant the page that was printed. Elaine is sitting in the chair in front of the Sargeant's desk - the one that she usually sits in when she goes to pay the police Sargeant a visit. Her visitor's pass is proudly clipped to the lapel of her tanish brown suit blazer. The officer places his hands on his hips. He seems genuinely concerned. He is excited to be able to bring to the table the final piece of evidence needed to crack a case. Elaine's lead may prove to be a winner.

Officer: Gail Louise Myers reported missing yesterday.

Elaine has obviously been telling the Sargeant about Gail's disappearance and has undoubtable already shown him the card. Leaving this card was the smartest thing that Gail could have even done, because it finally gave Elaine the definitive proof she needed to convince the Sargeant that she has been right all along. It may not have been Peddler, but somebody has been killing people in a Satanic ritual on the 13th Floor of the Wessex Hotel. Upon showing the police detective the card, the Sargeant promptly has the unknown officer check to see if she has been reported missing. Luckily her coworkers at the City Engineer's Office had the gumption to suspect foul play and promptly file a missing persons report. The detective reads over the paper. He looks to mouth "Mmmm Hmph", almost as if the realization hits that Elaine is right. Now that the Sargeant has Gail's business card, hand written message and a missing persons report. There is no other option but to discover "the truth".

If the Sargeant had known the fate that awaited him, he would have sent someone else out on this mission. But Elaine has been coming to him for help, and they have begun to form a bond. The Investigating Detective Sargeant knows it's his job, and he wants to help. Especially now knowing Elaine might have been telling the truth all along.

The Sargeant doesn't know what to expect when he goes to search the hotel, but if they are swiping people off of the streets, he's going to have to be prepared. He pulls open his top left desk drawer.

On Closer Inspection...:
Inside the Sargeant's top left drawer we see the Sargeant's pistol, a standard police issue Colt 1911 .45 ACP, sitting atop a black notebook. There is a pair of handcuffs in the drawer's bottom right corner, an heirloom wristwatch minus the band in the drawer's bottom left corner, the handgun's magazine - loaded with bullets, a bottle of lotion, and a bottle of some of the stomach relief medicine he took on Elaine's first visit to see him. While most police officers nowadays prefer to use a Glock, as they tend to operate better under rougher conditions, the Sargeant's gun works perfectly fine - and thank goodness he had it, or the movie may have ended a million times differently.

The Sargeant takes hold of the pistol, inserts the magazine into its spot, and racks the pistol, loading a bullet into the chamber. He wants to be ready to fire, not be fumbling around in a time of desperation. The Sargeant has his back to Elaine as he readies his pistol. It is likely he doesn't want her to see him, lest she be reminded of the horrors of the reality of the situation. Somebody is going to die. Elaine's not scared of the gun, anyhow. In fact, she may end up needing it to save her life. Elaine looks on, as the Sargeant finishes. He places the handgun in a gun vest, on his left hand side in it's concealed holster. He is wearing a white shirt and black tie and as soon as he has weapon loaded and ready, he turns, grabs his black suit jacket from off of the back of his chair, and Elaine turns to leave.

The Sargeant follows, walking while putting on his suit jacket. This isn't just to conceal his gun, it's for aesthetic reasons. He definitely has to cover his gun strap, but he also has to look professional. Plus he wants to maintain an element of surprise. Elaine's ready to go. Her half heels beat a tatu on the tile flooring. She's ready to put an end to this madness, once and for all.

The Sargeant is the last to leave his office, and makes the conscious decision to leave his door open. Nopefully nobody will come in rummaging, and disturbing the order of his things. Alas, in the end this is exactly what will have to happen, as this is the last time the Sargeant will ever see his office again...

On Closer Inspection...:
There is a chair on the wall to the left of the coatrack that is identicle to the one Elaine was sitting in. Next to it is a desk filled with with files and paperwork. There is an orange folder in the middle of the stack. Twelve colorful binders - blue, yellow, dark blue, black and red - rest against this stack. There are papers atop the stack of binders adding another level of complexity to everything the Sargeant has going on. His office is loaded with items, and it definitely proves how busy he is [was], and how much stuff he is [was] responsible for. There also appears to be extra police hats on a shelf against the back wall that can be seen through the window behind the file cabinets.

In the office are a woman in a white blouse, black dress and black suit blazer talking to a short haired gentleman in light blue button-up shirt, and black slacks, a young uniformed police woman, three uniformed police men to the right talking to a blond haired gentleman with a white shirt, another officer with thick, black rimmed glasses, two gentlemen in sun hats (they really don't appear to be cowboy hats) talking to a man whose hairline is receeding, and an officer sitting at a desk taking notes from a lady with long black hair in a purple dress, standing in front of the desk in front of him. There is another policeman talking to a woman sitting in a chair in front of a gentleman in a grey suit with white button-up shirt and black tie. There is a man getting a paper that is coming out of the printer and another gentleman with white button-up shirt and grey slacks walking to the right of a lady in a grey suit blazer and giant red bow turned facing a file cabinet.

The background noise increases as the Sargeant and Elaine walk. Those in the office are speaking of law enforecement matters, although there is so much of it, most of it comes off as incoherent mumble. A female officer in the background can be heard, however, provides relevant banter. She is talking to a felon obviously trying to sweet talk her into a lesser sentence:

Female officer in background: You got a rap sheet as long as
   your arm.

Elaine looks back towards the Sargeant's office. This is reminiscent of earlier. Earlier however, she was looking back in disappointment, because the Sargeant shunned her off, thinking her case was non important. Now she is looking back to make sure the Sargeant is behind her. It has taken her forever to finally get the Sargeant on her side. Now that he is, she wants him to stay close to her.