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As we hear the chimes coming from the church, the camera pans down upon the church, and we can see a black Buick that will drive in front of it. Elaine doesn't know it yet, but today is going to be her last day at the hotel...

On Closer Inspection...:
As the vehicle rides by a side street, closer inspection reveals that we pass in front of a street sign for that street. It reads "6TH ST", and gives us a good starting point to finding this location in real life.

Location, Location, Location:

Elaine and Alan (or in real life, Michele Greene and James Brolin) are driving East on West 6th Street. The church they pass in front of is the First Congregational Church of Los Angeles, located on the Northeast corner of Sixth Street and Commonwealth Avenue in the Wilshire District. The church is the oldest continuous Protestant Church in the city, and is actually convieniently close to the other filming locations. In fact, it's exactly one block down from The Sheraton Townhouse, the hotel used to film The Wessex Hotel's exterior shots.

Errors in Continuity:
Technically, if Alan and Elaine were going back to "The Wessex Hotel", as in, the area used to film the exterior shots of the hotel, they would have had to have made a left when they got to the church. That hotel would have been one block down on their right. But seeing they are going to the hotel used to film the interior shots of the Wessex, they need to continue down eight more blocks, and then make a left. They will be in front of the door leading into the area used to film the hotel's Mezzanine level. Assuming they were going back to the studio, which they are, in this case, to film a shot at the City Engineer's office, which was filmed on a sound stage, they would need to traverse 51 blocks down from the church, and then Wilshire Court Productions, the filming studio that filmed NOTTF, is located one block down on the left.

Location, Location, Location:
The building shown in the picture to the left, the one directly across from the church, has since been torn down. The fence remains, but the site the building stood on has been turned into a parking lot, utilized by the new Medical Facility, built on the corner lot. This helps explain why the church is now letting the shrubery in front of the church get so tall. It is more than likely creating a buffer which not only gives the courtyard it surrounds a more monastic feel, it also keeps the parking lot out of view. Unfortunately, it also keeps the beautiful and ornate structure from being seen. There doesn't seem to be any reason why there would be a need to change the filming locations by having the doctor and Elaine drive down another street. Especially if they were heading back to the studio. As they were already on 6th Street, it is more than likely they are driving down West 6th Street. They are heading East.

It is unknown where Elaine was all day yesterday. Maybe if she had of been around, Gail Myers might still be alive. She might have been hanging out with the good doctor most of the day, although the doctor had to have been a little busy yesterday, or at least he would have had to have had an hour or so during the afternoon that he would have had to have been apart from Elaine... But if Elaine was with the doctor yesterday, she would have more than likely already have told him about what happened yesterday. But she is just now telling him about what she had found out at the church, and we learn later she hasn't been to the hotel since "yesterday", so where she really was, will always be an unknown mystery.

Elaine: ...Then I found out that these murders were ritualistic.

Alan: In order to contact Satan...

Elaine: That's right.

On Closer Inspection...:
Elaine is wearing a purple blouse under a tanish brown suit blazer with a white floral print dress and black belt. She is carrying a brown purse.. She has big, gold, hoop earrings. The doctor is wearing a purple button-up shirt and purple tie under a grey suit jacket.

Alan: But it was 90 years ago!

Alan is trying to say it's been so long ago she should forget about it. After all, something heinous that happened that far back into the past can't possibly have any bearing on the present day. Elaine on the other hand, thinks differently:

Elaine: That's what so frightening... I um, I think it's all
   happening again.

The comment seems to catch the doctor off guard.

Alan: What are you saying? That Avery Block is back from the

Could Elaine honestly believe that Avery Block may still somehow be responsible, this many years later?

Elaine: I don't know, there's just, there's no proof that he
   ever died!

Alan and Elaine are driving through a residental neighborhood. There are sounds of children playing right before the doctor speaks.

The doctor acts as if Elaine's comment is total absurdity:

Alan: Elaine... it's impossible. I mean, he'd be what, 130
   years old?

Elaine: That's what I want to find out.

Elaine speaks as if she is still convinced that this might be a possibility. After all, if Avery Block did achieve immortality, he could definitely still be alive, 130 years old or not. If not, another possibility is that he inhabited the body of another individual, turning that person into a walking manifestation of himself. A third possibility is that he did die but reincarnated into another killer. A forth is tha the has given his powers to another, without the need to inherit that person's body, while a fifth possibility, is that there is an entirely different killer, no relation to Avery Block, that wants to achieve what he achieved - in this case immortality.

Elaine: I've got to get up to the 13th floor.

Glancing at the road, and then back to Elaine, the doctor speaks as if Elaine has exhausted all of her options. He's not really sarcastic or condescending, nor is his grin too overwhelming. He doesn't want Elaine to find it, even though she knows he probably will. Remember, he cares about Elaine, and so he's trying to protect her. But he still acts as if she's reached a dead end, with no way to continue:

Alan: You've tried. How?

Elaine glances down for a second. She hasn't been able to find a way in the hotel to get up there, but as Elaine looks back up at the doctor, she seems confident and assured:

Elaine: Gail Myers.

The elevator makes a ding as it stops on the City Agencies Office's 4th floor. The doors open, and out steps Elaine. She is wearing the same clothes as she was during the last exchange, so it is likely that the good doctor drove her down here. Either that or she walked from the hotel, assuming they went back there after their drive.

Errors in Continuity:
The door across from the Engineer's office has the numbers 554 above it, although the City Engineer's office is supposed to be located on the 4th floor.

On Closer Inspection...:
The doors appear to have the words:
written on it, in a standard, 2 inch tall, black san-serif font.

A telephone is ringing, and we hear Elaine's shoes as her footsteps hit the tiled floor. Her eyes tell us something isn't right.

On Closer Inspection...:
The clock on the wall in the background reads 12:38. The office has probably just opened back up from lunch, so Gail should definitely be here.

Location, Location, Location:
The City Engineer's Office set was created for "Nightmare on the 13th Floor". It was built on a studio sound stage at the film's production company, Wilshire Court Productions. It stands at 5700 Wilshire Boulevard.

Elaine's eyes look for Gail, as soon as she steps off of the elevator. She is looking through the window leading into the room, trying to catch a glimpse of Gail before she even ever rounds the corner into the office itself. The look on her face suggests Gail is nowhere to be found.

The camera pans around, focusing on a desk in the middle of the room. This is Gail's desk, but it looks untouched.

Elaine stands for a couple of seconds, obviously in shock for not seeing Gail. She needs Gail's help so badly, and right now, Gail is the only one that can help her. She was expecting to come into the office, sit down with Gail, and learn all of the hotel's secrets on accessing the sealed off floor. But now, Gail is missing. That's real great. Elaine looks slightly disappointed.

On Closer Inspection...:
There are engineers in white button up collared shirts, at drawing boards and tracing tables with lamps that pivot to illuminate specific areas they are shined upon. One is wearing a green shirt. There is an older lady in blue carrying a stack of papers across the office and a younger woman in a yellow shirt and red dress in the background talking to one of the engineers next to the doorway. Framed architecture line the back wall, while a wood paneled side wall, accented by small low voltage spotlights, and a blue rimmed picture on a front wall add splashes of color to contrast the otherwise plain cream colored walls elsewhere in the office. These are indicators of a pleasant workplace, and it's likely that Gail [was] very pleased with her job.

So, what was Gail's job here in the City Engineer's Office? According to our Interview with Dr. Kerry Noonan, Gail Myers actress Dr. Kerry Noonan states,

"I honestly don't know what my job was. If I knew at the time of filming, I no longer remember. At that time in my life, I was also working as a records manager (in charge of the file room) at a corporate law firm, so I think I just assumed the character was something similar in her job."

- Gail Myers actress Dr. Kerry Noonan

This would definitely make sense, as when Gail was originally looking for the plans to the Wessex, she knew right where to look in the City Agencies basemenet records room.

Elaine scans the room as she approaches an older, white haired gentleman with a grey and white plaid button up shirt, and black tie, drawing on a set of blueprints with a 12 inch square. There is another set of plans that rolled up and rather flattened, sitting on the left side of the desk. A small black container, more than likely filled with ink, sits between the set to the left, and the set being scribed by the architect. There's been no sign of Gail yet, but maybe this draftsman can be of some assistance.

Elaine: Excuse me. I'm looking for Gail Myers.

The draftsman is speedy with his reply. Apparantly Elaine isn't the only one looking for the young engineer.

Draftsman: So is everybody else.

The draftsman puts his head back down. Elaine is confused:

Elaine: What do you mean?

The draftsman looks back up at Elaine. He rolls his ink pen back and forth between the middle and index fingers of both hands, one of both ends. He seems worried for young Gail:

Draftsman: Well, she wen't out on a call... yesterday. Never
   came back.

Elaine is shocked!

Elaine: What happened!?

The draftsman is calm and solemn, yet he still seems worried:

Draftsman: We don't know.

The office staff must have been worried about Gail's disappearance. So much, in fact, they've already filed a missing person's report with the LAPD.

Elaine looks very worried. Could it have something to do with the hotel? Elaine must find out. She turns and rushes off. She takes her purse off of her shoulder, to hold, so she can jog a little quicker.