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We are now inside of Doctor Alan Lanier's small doctor's office, located inside of the Wessex Hotel. We see a left arm in a sling, with self-sticking surgical guaze wrapped around the wrist. It is looped around the thumb to keep to adjoined it to the remainder of itself, while still allowing free circulation of movement.

We see a pair scissors, cuting the tape. Note the use of scissors as a plot metaphor.

The camera pans back to reveal Doctor Lanier. He is wearing a grey suit jacket and grey dress slacks. He also wears a light blue button-up shirt, black rimmed glasses and a stethescope around his neck. He uses his left index finger to push the end of the self-sticking guaze onto itself.

Alan: There you go. I'd like to see you back here in three

The gentleman in the sling gets up and begins to walk around the doctor. Notice the stage turns that characters throughout have not been forgetting. As the doctor speaks to the man, he turns, not only to keep face with the gentleman, but also so that the viewer maintains an eye on the doctor's facial expression as he speaks.

There is a five foot tall privacy screen on wheels to the left of the door. It consists of a white curtain, hanging from the top metal rod of the metal frame composing the screen. It consists of three separate panels, hinged together, that allow them to be folded to accomodate various positions. In through the door to it's right walks Elaine Kalisher. She notices that Alan is with a patient.

Elaine: Should I come back later?

Alan: Nope. Just a sec.

Alan continues giving his patient doctorly advice, even though the gentleman looks as if he is very ready to leave. He throws a hand up as he is leaving. Elaine watches the doctor intently. She is slowly developing feelings for this mature gentleman, and watches his intently as he acts so professionally at what he does. She needs a good man in her life if she is thinking about one day settling down, and a professional-type such as doctor, would definitely be the gentleman for Elaine.

Alan: ...And uh you might want to soak that, keep the
   swelling down. Be sure to take all those pills.

The gentleman exits while the doctor puts his excess supplies back into the small medicine cabinet to his right. It is a glass fronted double door cabinet that rests beside a horizontal bead board wall. The walls are an antique white while the trim is a light brown. The cabinet is painted anqitue white to match the surrounding walls.

Using his right hand, the doctor takes the glasses off of his face, inserting them into his outer left suit jacket pocket. He turns to Elaine, happy that she has come to see him.

Alan: Oh, I'm glad you're here, I, was going to call you. I've
   got reservations for tonight.

Elaine seems to cut the doctor off, reservations being the last thing on her mind. She is so excited about her recent discovery:

Elaine: I was right.

The doctor is confused, and has no clue what the lovely Elaine is right about. But he knows that whatever it is, it is making her very happy:

Alan: What?

Elaine: There is a 13th floor. I've seen it.

The doctor doesn't choke up, although the tone in his voice possesses a slight air of demeritoriousness. He seems rather confused, and seems to act as if he already knows that it exists. He waits to hear Elaine's take on the situation, before openly providing any information that he may know. Of course, he doesn't know anything...

Alan: You're kidding. How'd you get up there?

Elaine: Oh, I didn't. I've seen the plans for the building. That
   floor was sealed off and the frieze around the building is
   covering it.

The doctor covers himself very well, maintaining an air of ignorance. He seems sincere.

Alan: Good Lord. That means these people know. At least
   Rogas does.

Elaine almost chokes up. The doctor is on the same wavelength as her, and she really feels like she can talk to this man. Her voice comes off one step above a whisper.

Elaine: That's right.

Alan seems to be bothered by the situation:

Alan: He lied didn't he.

Elaine: So did Letti Gordon. They're protecting something.

This definitely helps to perk the doctor up. His eyes widen. Does she know something...? He seems shocked. His question seemingly comes off sounding very eager. He obviously wants to help Elaine find "the truth"!

Alan: What!?

Elaine's "I don't know" comes off almost as if she wants to laugh. This was either intended towards the doctor's facial expression as he seems a cross between shocked and curious, or because he seems to want to help so badly. Metaphorically, it's almost as if the doctor has been reading a really good book, and just can't put it down! He wants to know more! ...And this kind of "excites" Elaine.

Elaine: I don't know but that floor was sealed off for some

The doctor turns serious as he quickly ponders the situation:

Alan: Then maybe you really did see something.

The doctor has been using reverse psychology on Elaine, to try and help her perceive him as an ally and confidant (of course, seeing he's not guilty of any wrongdoing, there isn't any reason Elaine should think any differently of him, right?). It is slowly playing on him, and rather than continue encouraging Elaine, he feels the best thing to do is to try and stop her. He comes around the table. Elaine turns to keep an eye on him. He takes the stethescope from around his neck and clutches the table in front of him as the realization of the situation plays on his mind. Elaine will not stop until she finds the whole "truth", and Alan is worrying about her safety, among other things...

Alan: Elaine you've got to stop this!

Elaine is too excited to want to stop. She's onto something. And she's close to finding it. She can't stop.

Elaine: I can't. I called a friend of mine in New York and he's
   agreed to publish a story if I can get it.

It is very likely that Elaine is not talking about anybody from "Traveler's Review". She is more than likely talking about a friend at a major newspaper... one who would gladly publish the story of a wicked hotel housing murders on a mysterious floor, purposely sealed off... And especially seeing she believes a few of the staff members might be involved!? Elaine's article could be worth a pretty penny.

Alan: It's too dangerous!

Elaine: Alan this is my chance!

Alan: What chance? What are you talking about? It's crazy!
   I'm telling ya it's too dangerous.

The doctor would know. He doesn't want it to get ...complicated for Elaine. She could have followed his advice and just focused on the friendly service as the focal point of her article...