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Elaine has decided to put Mrs. Beecher's early disappearance on the backburner, and decides to concentrate on the article she has been writing. She stops by the hotel's own "Wessex Gift Shop" to oogle over the antique imported artifacts and to find some classical inspiration.

Location, Location, Location:
The "The Wessex Gift Shop" sign protrudes from a wall identical to the base of the Wessex. For this reason, we can make the logical assumption that the Gift Shop is part of the hotel. Hotels of the day, such as the Townhouse and the Ambassador (the two hotels used to film this movie) generally always carried a gift shop or two. Therefore it is likely that the shop is located within the hotel's own gift shop. I have yet to find it for certain, as current street views do not resemble the building shown in the background, but if it was filmed at the Townhouse, it would have more than likely have been on the hotel's West side with the camera facing South.

We hear the sound of a horn as cars and passerbys traverse nearby. The front window of the shop comes into view.

On Closer Inspection...:
The red velvet background of the showcase is revealed later to be only about 2½ feet tall and is draped by hooks onto a rod that allows the curtain to be slid back and forth. It adds a decorative charm that helps to attract customers as well as block a small bit of the afternoon sunlight. There is a porcelin doll with blond hair and a red dress, white top, and a green bust upon the dresses back. Her black shoes reveal a "legs-crossed" type of pose while the crossing of the wrists is more of a submissive type factor. There is a glass seal, a white plate with a red floral print on the rim, a red-rimmed plate with the same ornate pattern on the plate's center, an antique clock, a blue and white sugar and creamer set, a gold necklace, a gold rimmed tea cup, a decorative china or porcelin tea kettle and a small blue jewelry box. There is a reflection of a white VW Beetle that is parked across the street and we see the reflection of passerbys, as well.

We see a hand reaching into an opening in the crimson curtain and grabs ahold of the tea kettle.

It is Elaine. We see her from the backside as the kettle is being taken out of the showcase. It is an ornate white kettle with decorative handle, top, spout and intricate designs. Elaine handles it with care and it seems to make her very happy.

Elaine is eying the kettle as a replacement to the one that Wendy broke all the way back on Page 1. She won't get a chance to end up purchasing it. But as most of her kettles and tea cups are reminders of the joys possessed by the locations she has visisted, after all is said and done, she may decide that she doesn't want it after all. Maybe she will however, go back to purchase it, as a reminder of the tragic, near-death experience and as a reminder that she helped crack the case...

Elaine inspects the ornamental kettle by giving it a major once-over. She probably noticed it coming in, and it obvious must have appealed to her, because it is the first item that she comments about.

Elaine: It's really lovely. I've never seen one outside of

The shopkeep obviously can tell that Elaine has very good taste, and knows exactly what she is talking about:

Shopkeeper: Well we do get most of our things from England.

As we have discussed on Page 3, the use of England, London and Victorian-style architecture heavily support the idea of richness and grandeuriousness. Elaine's comment implies that she has indeed traveled to London, England, more than likely to write about another hotel or travel resort.

We have established that while there are several Wessex Hotels existing in England, there isn't one in London. There is, however, a "Wessex House" which is a nightclub specializing in Thursday night Salsa dancing lessons.

Elaine: You have a beautiful shop.

Elaine looks around, in awe at the intricacies of Victorian decorum. She turns back to the shopkeep:

Elaine: Would you mind if I had some pictures taken?

The shopkeeper smiles from ear to ear and develops a look that seems to say "ooooh". She is estectic to have a good write-up and pictures of her shop featured in a travel magazine that is more than likely available around the world. The publicity alone would bring in more new clientell than the shop has probably ever experienced. A popular hotel such as the Wessex, as large and splenderous as it is, more than likely brings in several of the "richier" travelers, and probably already does plenty of decent business (seeing they are able to import items 5440 miles from London to Los Angeles) but a little bit of extra publicity surely couldn't hurt.

Shopkeeper: No. Not at all!

While the shopkeep is busy thinking about how much money the extra publicity is going to give the shop, Elaine is also heavily lost in thought. She wants the kettle, and she loves the shop, and can't wait to take pictures but something else seems to catch her attention. While looking around, surveying the shop in preparation for taking pictures of eloquence, Elaine happens to look out the door at the passerbys traversing the sidewalks outside.

She notices a man taking a drink from a paper bag. He is wearing an overcoat and a hat and looks extremely similar to the gentleman that she was chasing just the day before. Elaine stops to take a good look at the man standing through the store front windows. She is sure that is the same man. Could it be?

Musical Note:
The music comes on soft but building. As soon as Elaine notices that the boots are indeed the ones she has been looking for, the music turns a little suspicious sounding, with a hint of investigativeness built right in. It continues until the moment that Elaine begins talking to the baglady, on the next page, and then fades away into the sounds of the street.

She stares at the man, trying to get a better view while at the same time trying to figure out whether or not that is the same man. She turns her attention towards the man's boots. This is the only way to know for sure whether or not it is him.

Sure enough, there are the black boots with silver toes and silver heels that have played so important of a roll throughout the movie thus far. From the one that Elaine saw on the elevator, to the two that Elaine saw again yesterday while walking to the Convention Hall, here they are again, and are the key puzzle pieces to figuring out exactly what happened at the Wessex Hotel.

Here Elaine stands, not even thinking anymore about the boots, as she probably figured that yesterday may have been her last and only chance at finding the man who she believes committed a murder, somewhere in the hotel, and all of a sudden, here he is, standing right in front of her. She can't believe it! This is her chance. This time she doesn't plan on letting him disappear. She wants an answer. And the tea kettle becomes the last thing on her mind.

He appears ready to move. Elaine has to go. She has to
follow him.

With extreme care, but while keeping an eye outside, Elaine hands the kettle back, making sure that it is fully rested in the hands of the shopkeeper.

Shopkeeper: Miss Kalisher?

The poor shopkeep is dumbfounded. Here she was thinking about picture taking, article writing, and a ton of profit, and now Elaine is handing the tea kettle back and darting for the exit.

Elaine runs towards the door, opens it, looks to her left, and with nobody coming, rushes out, and follows in the direction of the man with the boots.

On Closer Inspection...:
There is another visitor in the shop that we notice as the camera is panning to follow Elaine, but she is in a corner, looking at a rotating rack of Wessex Hotel postcards, and seems unphased by Elaine's brashness. There is framed artwork adorning the various walls through the shop that provide a friendly demeanor. There are also pearl and gold necklaces hung on red fabric covered display boards. The shop seems pricey but appropriate.

The camera continues following Elaine and we see the shopkeeper making her way to the window, wanting to see why Miss Kalisher left in such a hurry, without buying the tea kettle, getting an interview, or taking pictures to incorporate into the article... Maybe she'll be back...

The shopkeeper looks lovely with her blue silky blouse with tessilating blue designs, pearl earrings and pearl necklace. She has a quaint and friendly persona about her which seem to make her well suited for a career in customer service and retail sales.

Elaine looks slightly dumbfounded as she stops to brush the hair away from her mouth. Where could he have gone? She is probably blaiming the shopkeeper for taking too long for taking the kettle out of her hands. She runs down the sidewalk, camera following, wishing and hoping that she will find him. And soon. She finally exits out of view of the camera as she passes by the edge of the window frame. She is on hot pursuit and there's no holding her back.