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On Closer Inspection...:
Today is Wednesday morning. It is about 8:15 in the morning and it is Elaine's third day at the hotel. We are treated to another exterior shot of the Wessex hotel, with passerbys walking up and down the street, people driving up and down the road, two yellow taxi cabs that were sitting in front of the hotel and a blue car that just pulled up. Yet again, it shows how busy the hotel stays on a regular. They have been in business for seemingly forever, and have years to build their reputation for comfort, quality and service...

As the camera pans in toward the building, it intentionally zooms in toward the bottom floor before starting it's ascent up the side of the building. What this is, is a way for the viewer to be able to count the floors, starting at the bottom. It is important, because the camera stops on the eighth floor, and, thinking back, there has been only one reference so far to the eighth floor, and that would be to Mrs. Beecher when she was handed the key to Room #871 back on Page 2 of this guide. She didn't show up for breakfast yesterday morning, and Elaine had to go to the Convention Hall herself. But remember, as shook up as she was, she might have decided to go ahead and go back to the hotel, to inform Judith of the boot that she now remembers seeing the night before in the elevator and again just recently out on the street. She might have went ahead and went to her room to analyse the situation and start working on the first draft of her article. ...And then came her date with Dr. Alan Lanier. She completely forgot about Mrs. Beecher and the Crystal Convention until this morning.

Elaine is seen with a white top under a green blazer top and a white floral dress. She seems extra perky this morning. Her date last night with the smooth and debonair hotel doctor might have been all she needed. She probably doesn't drink much and looks like she snacks too healthy to really enjoy herself. A little champaigne and a nice meal, along with company Elaine could fall in love with, seemed to be the perfect therepy. Heck, she is thinking about settling down...

On Closer Inspection...:
Elaine enters from a type of antechamber, perhaps a hallway that meets this one perpendicularly. We can see the hallway continue a good ways. The ceiling lights and wall sconce lights completely illuminate the bright crimson carpeting and give the hotel a charming and elogent feeling. There are fresh-cut white and red flowers arranged in a decorate white vase (seemingly a smaller version of the planters we noticed outside of the hotel's entrance) and placed atop a small, dark brown, half-round table placed against the wall directly past the first room from the antechamber/hallway. Note the cream/light brown trim help to compliment the antique white walls. The framed artwork on the walls help add a decorative touch.

There is a maid folding a bed-sheet standing in front of a cart of linens to the right of the antechamber/hallway entrance and directly across from the half-round table with the vase of flowers.

Here on the 8th Floor is the second half-round table that we will see.

Elaine is chipper as she seems one step below skipping through the hallway.

Elaine: Good morning!

The maid finished folding the sheet and sticks it atop the linen cart.

Housekeeper: G'morning.

On Closer Inspection...:
Listen closely. Although it is rather faint, the housekeeper does indeed say "G'morning" to Elaine. It is very faint; to the point where it almost seems she didn't hear Elaine and for this reason, her name wasn't included in the credits.

Elaine is all smiles as she walks off. She finds the big brown door with a silver plaquard reading "871" and knocks three times.

After a moment or two of waiting a gentleman comes opens the door in a white tee shirt and a white hotel towel draped over his left shoulder. He has shaving cream all over his face, implying that he was caught in the middle of trying to shave. He rushed to the door, unsure of who may have been knocking. Elaine stands there and she seems very confused when the gentleman answers.

Man 2: Yes?

Elaine: Oh. Excuse me, I'm looking for Mrs. Beecher.

The man shakes his head.

Man 2: Uh, sorry, wrong room.

The man shuts the door and locks it and is Elaine is left standing dumbfounded. This was Mrs. Beecher's room. She's sure of it.

Elaine is stuplified. She knows Mrs. Beecher was given Room #871 and that Mrs. Beecher was checked-in for four days, although she was thinking about staying longer... because of the convention. Where could she be? Elaine feels a hair worried.

She stops and double-checks. Yep. It's Room #871 and that was the one given to Mrs. Beecher. So strange.

The number 871 is the product of 13 x 67.

Something is wrong. Elaine can feel it. Why in the world is some guy checked into Mrs. Beecher's room? Elaine's inquisitive nature kicks in and she wants to know the truth. Abraham, the friendly and smiling desk clerk should be able to give her a definitive answer. He checked her into the room so he would know for sure.

Elaine turns and walks down the hallway, away from the camera. There is a mirror in a decorative silver frame upon the wall in the open spot on the wall between another door and another antechamber, this one perhaps containing elevators or a staircase. There is a reading lamp residing on a small table in between two sitting chairs, against the back wall of the room, across from the opening.

The camera focuses on the registration desk. Abraham, the busy desk clerk, is going across, sorting mail and placing it into various slots in the mailslots behind him. The flourescent lights up under the build-down with the clock, help to light up the array of mailshots. The clock appears to read 8:34.

Spotlight On...:


Abraham - Old Semitic or Hebrew for "the father of many" of "the father of a multitude". As Abraham runs the registration desk so well, managing and accounting for all of the hotel patrons and organizing mail and taking calls and messages for all of them, it classifies him as being "the father of many".

We can hear the *ding* of the elevator. The hotel is very active. There is a man walking and talking on a portable phone. It is an older model as cell phones weren't as commonplace then as they are now. Nevertheless, he is carrying a briefcase and dressed to impressed. The camera follows him as he leaves off screen, walking down the hallway. There is a set of doors to the left and a display board sign next to it. At the end of the hallway, we see three people standing in front of a large brown set of double doors. The name up top is covered with either a stained brown luann or wood-look paper and is covered just like all of the other doors throughout (with the exception of say, rooms like "The Regency Room"). These double doors would have led to the world-famous, and now demolished thanks to the Los Angeles school district, "Cocoanut Grove" nightclub, alluded to on Page 3 of this guide.

Elaine makes her way to the desk. She wants an answer, and she wants it now. Notice the plaque on the counter reads "Registration" and there are yellow, white and pink fresh cut flowers in a decorative and ornate golden vase on the right end of the counter. Elaine steps in front of the desk to get Abraham's attention.

Elaine: Excuse me.

The desk clerk turns to Miss Kalisher, who looks flustered. Notice how red her cheecks are. Her blood pressure is rising. She wants an answer now. Something just isn't right.

Elaine: Has Mrs. Beecher changed rooms?

Elaine doesn't want to hear any lies. She stares straight-on at Abraham, not afraid to delve until she gets the truth.

Abraham: No.

Something seems ominous in the desk clerk's smile. It seems he knows exactly where Mrs. Beecher is. He stops what he is doing to approach Elaine.

Abraham: She's checked out.

On Closer Inspection...:
The desk clerk has an extremely sinister grin on his face... Something feels very wrong. Elaine is having a hard time believing Moselle has already checked out. After all, she was wanting to stay for at least four days.

Musical Note:
Ominous chords play as Elaine states the following. The chords lead into the ominous theme music that accompanies the next scene.

Elaine: But the convention just started today.

Errors in Continuity:
Technically the convention started yesterday. But it's not like Abraham is going to care... It makes no sense that Mrs. Beecher would check out the day of the convention, and the sinister and somewhat sadistic smile on Abraham's face seem to say he knows where she's really at. Elaine definitely begins to feels something horrible is going on, but she has no way to prove it.