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It is later in the evening, probably about 7. There is a pink-rimmed plate of food sitting on small dark brown table next to a napkin atop which a fork, knife and spoon resides. On the plate is a half of a sandwich, cut into quarters. They are layered and appear to contain ham and lettuce to name a few. Atop a leaf of greenery more than likely kale or romaine is a scoop of white stuff appearing to be cottage or bree cheese and topped with a black olive. There is a tomato wedge and a half of a slice of pickle. A hand reaches for the pickle.

As the camera follows the hand upward it is revealed that it is Elaine's plate (giving more credibility to discussion of her healthy eating habits.). She is sitting on a dark green loveseat, working on an older model laptop that was a standard of the time.

On Closer Inspection...:
Elaine's computer appears to be an IBM PC Convertible. The IBM PC Convertible, released April 3, 1986, was IBM's first laptop computer and was also the first IBM computer to utilize the 3.5" floppy disk which went on to become the standard. Like modern laptops, it featured power management and the ability to run from batteries. While it came with a pricey base-rate of $2000 when it was first released, Elaine could more than likely afford it with no problem as she is a world renowned travel-destination writer.

Elaine takes a bite of her pickle. She is more than likely working on her article when there is a knock at her door.

Knock, knock knock knock

Darn. Right in the middle of enjoying her pickle slice. She seemed to be enjoying herself. The green loveseat looks comfortable and all of the decorative lamps are on, providing plenty of night which helps to contrast the darkness coming from outside of the windows. There are yellow and white flowers in vases atop the table to Elaine's left.

Elaine: Just a minute!

Just as gracefully as she picks up her pickle slice, she places it back on the plate. It sounds like she shuts her computer off. She picks it up off of her lap and places her laptop on the couch, in the seat that she wasn't sitting in.

Elaine jumps to her feet, in mid-bite, wanting to find out who could possibly be wanting to see her this late at night. It has to be either Judith or Mrs. Beecher.

As Elaine comes across the room she is illuminated like a silhouette against the light from the lamp atop the table.

Elaine turns the corner and begins walking down the passageway leading to the room's doorway.

She is getting anxious as she approaches the door.

With the turn of the knob, Elaine opens the door, showing that the door wasn't even locked. This shows exactly what a trusting kind of person Elaine is. Although it wouldn't be too safe, especially seeing with the location of the doorway, anyone could slip in and attack Elaine without her knowing. But maybe it is a newer, more modern fire-safety lock where the door will be locked from the outside, but on the inside it can be unlocked with just a twist of the knob. That would make more sense, as Elaine told Wendy to make sure the doors were locked at her house. So she can't be too trusting. Especially thinking a murderer might be lurking around the hotel. There is a chain-lock on the door although Elaine does not have it locked. She opens the door to find:

Elaine: Alan!

Oh shoot. The doctor had a wonderful 50-year-old bottle of "formaldehyde" in his office he was wanting to show Elaine. Did that mean he wanted her to come to his office? Not sure, but Elaine seems to have forgotten whatever kind of date they may have planned.... Alan stands there in a grey suit with white button-up dress shirt and matching grey tie. His hair is slicked back and he is well-manicured, and holding a bucket of ice with a bottle of champaigne inside of it, and sticking halfway out of the bucket.

Alan: Hi!

Elaine feels bad. It is almost reminiscent of earlier, when Mrs. Beecher forgot to meet Elaine for breakfast. She feels awful and hopes that he didn't sit around waiting for her, like she had done for Moselle. The doctor seems a little saddened that Elaine has forgotten about him.

Elaine: Oh no, I'm sorry. I forgot all about dinner. Come on
   in, come on in. Come on in.

The doctor comes around Elaine and stops as Elaine turns to shut the door behind him.

The doctor gives a quick glance down the hallway into Elaine's "living room" before turning back to face Elaine.

On Closer Inspection...:
There is a set of bifold doors behind Alan. These lead into a closet built underneath the staircase. Also notice the verticle-beaded panelling used to adorn the walls in this area as well as throughout the hallway.

The doctor watches Elaine as she shuts and locks the door. He is probably developing feelings for the lovely Miss Kalisher and wants to impress her in any way possible. That's why he's dressed to impress. Elaine turns back to face the doctor.

Elaine: You won't believe what happened today.

Alan: I heard the police were here.

Elaine: I came off looking like such a bimbo.

Alan: No gas light, huh?

Elaine: No...

Alan: Ah don't be so hard on yourself.

Alan looks around and then begins walking down the hallway. He is a lot taller than Elaine and she can feel a sense of masculine dominence eminating from the doctor. She might be starting to have feelings for him as well. The doctor wants to assure Elaine and help her through this awful nightmare.

Alan: ...I mean, you had a pretty good knock yesterday.

The doctor enters the main room. He is familiar with the hotel and Elaine admires his knowledge as he makes his way into the living room.

Alan: I wouldn't be surprised at anything you saw.

The doctor glances down at Elaine's tiny plate of food...

Alan: What is this? That half a sandwich?

He walks over to a table with a white tablecloth draped over it. There is another dish and a white glass.

Alan: Piece of pie...

The doctor sticks his finger into the cup, which contains coffee.

Alan: Cold coffee...

The doctor licks his finger and looks at Elaine in a "what are you doing?" type of manner.

Alan: You call this dinner?

Elaine: I've ruined your evening, haven't I?

Alan: Of course not.

The doctor sets the bucket on the table to his left, and, with his left hand he brings the bottle of champaigne into view.

Alan: We'll have some bubbly....

The smooth and aloof doctor reaches into his right suit pocket and produces a wine glass that he hands to Elaine.

Elaine chuckles at this "parlor trick" and she seems to like the doctor a little.

Elaine: Heh heh

The doctor pops the cork out of the bottle and begins pouring a glass for Elaine. He fills her glass ¾ths full.

Alan: ...And then we'll have the best dinner in town. Ope!

The doctor produces a second glass, this time out of his left pocket.

It is unknown if the doctor plans on taking Elaine out (probably not as Elaine isn't ready and they're already having a good time) or whether the doctor just plans on ordering room service. He probably knows the menu well, and being the hotel doctor probably carries a good rep with the kitchen staff and can more than likely have some of the best dishes on the menu, whipped up in no time.

Alan pours a glass of wine for himself, giving him approximately ¾ of a glass, as well. It looks like he does a good job at giving them both an even share.

Elaine smiles, seemingly happy. The good doctor smiles as well. The two of the them tip their glasses. Cheers! The two of them are getting along great, and this seems to be the prelude to a wonderful evening. They both seem to be developing feelings for one another, slowly but surely, although the doctor may have an ulterior motive for wanting Elaine to only think the best of him...