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Creeson: Thank you very much, ma'am, please come again.

Poor Creeson! Notice how the lady rolls up the window, cutting Creeson off while he is in the middle of talking. How extremely rude! Creeson tries his hardest to be polite, despite the fact that some patrons are rude, disrespectful or inappropriate. He doesn't let it bother him, and retains his position of politeness and professionalism.

On Closer Inspection...:
Listen closely. There are squeeling of tires and then the sound of a horn, obviously in response to being cut-off by the car just entering the roadway. It makes you wonder if the car peeling out is the taxi leaving the Wessex. The older lady in the taxi sure seemed to be in a hurry to get away, cutting off Creeson while he was in the middle of thanking her for her patronage. Perhaps she had a bad experience...

Creeson turns away and begins returning to his spot by the fixture base.

On Closer Inspection...:
There are potted plants in decorative, antique white, 5 gallon flower pots at the top of the steps, on each side of the entrance. The use of greenery, as well as the fresh cut flowers on the inside, provide a friendly, down home touch which envoke a sense of granduer and eloquence.

Creeson notices Elaine walking towards him, having just come from inside of the hotel. He tips his hat to her:

Creeson: Do you wish a cab, ma'am?

Elaine is very nice to Creeson and needs his assistance. This is good juxtaposition to the rudeness of the patron leaving. Creeson needs the following exchange as it helps to remind him of his value.

Elaine: No, thank you. Can you tell me where the cyrstal
   convention is?

Creeson: Oh yes I can. It's at Convention Hall.

With his right hand, Creeson gestures behind him, down the street.

Creeson: That's over on Pearl Street, that would be three
   blocks down and one block over, you can't miss it.

Elaine is appreciative for his assistance. Note Creeson's smile as Elaine walks off and begins walking back to his spot.

Elaine: Thank you.

Elaine smiles ready for her adventure, and wanders off, getting lost in the crowd.

Location, Location, Location:
There is a Convention Center, versus a Convention Hall, in LA. But it's located at 1201 South Figueroa Street, and not on Pearl Street. Pearl Street does exist, although it's not around this area, and is 90% residental houses. There is no way a Convention Hall could have been located on Pearl Street.

Note that the camera keeps close to the hotel as Elaine walks off. This is because the Sharaton Townhouse, used for the exterior shots of the Wessex resides almost on a fork, but the scene is supposed to be of the hotel with nothing around it, standing predominately, with three blocks walk to the Convention Hall. The well-manicured row of shrubery running down the length of the Wessex, just as green as the lush, manicured six foot wide area of grass in between the bushes and the sidewalk add a very nice touch of professionalism and grandureousness to the hotel.

The camera focuses on a flashing red hand, part of a "Walk/Don't Walk" sign usually used at major intersections in most towns. It is flashing before staying red implying that it had just finished glowing the green "Walk" symbol, and has now cycled back to it's "Don't Walk" mode. This is representing the crosswalk that Elaine just crossed, implying that she has alread walked the three blocks, crossed the intersection, and is now heading down Pearl Street.

On Closer Inspection...:
As the camera is panning around from the Walk/Don't Walk sign, we see on closer inspection, a "One Way" sign as well as a sign reading "Main St." While the hotel used to film the Wessex hotel doesn't reside on Main Street, this bit of background detail implies that it is supposed to. The Wessex hotel is located on Main Street, and is supposed to be One Way. At least through this part of town, anyway, as earlier in the movie, when Elaine was being dropped off by the taxi cab, we clearly see a car driving in the opposite direction. Later in the movie, when Elaine runs outside to could the floors, two cars going in that directions must stop for her as not to hit her. This implies that while this area of town is on a One Way street, the hotel isn't necessarily.

On Closer Inspection...:
There is a sign reading "Dr. White Dentist" protruding from the side of a building next to another whose verticle sign reads "POPO". There is a Dr. White Dentist in Los Angeles, although it has closed several years back. The area looks nothing like the one in the film, however, and the Dr. White in L.A. is located on 7th Street, and not close to Main Street as the background details imply. At the end of the film, however, it does state that any firms (i.e., Dr. White) that resemble actual firms in the area are purely coincidental, so it's likely the signs were faked for effect. Elaine probably won't need their services, however, as her teeth seem to be in really good condition, still. A sign above "POPO"s appears to resemble a head with hair that is vaguely reminiscent of something found at a hair cutting salon.

On Closer Inspection...:
Elaine is wearing the black shirt from earlier; now it's up under a grey suit jacket. It's a nice compliment to her red floral dress and black high-heels.

On Closer Inspection...:
Also note that one of the crowd-walker's shirts read "effectency" while another contains a picture of a palm tree.

There are several "extras" walking up and down the street with Elaine, and certain ones are of mention as they will make several appearances. I will call notice to them as they appear, but keep an eye on:

- The man with the white button-up shirt walking with the
   leather jacket drapped over his right shoulder.

- The lady in red.

- The lady wearing the white-and-black polka dot-styled outfit.

- The girl in blue.

- The older, Asian gentleman.

- The bald guy.

- The lady with the rainbow scarf.

...And while he only makes two future appearances, check out the gentleman walking down the sidewalk reading a novel. Must be a really good book and he can't put it down!

As Elaine is walking, the man with the leather jacket will pass, walking with his hands in his pockets. As he gets in front of Elaine, the man with the book is now off to the right, but his book is now closed. The lady in red is behind Elaine. The Asian gentleman is to Elaine's right. Notice the bald guy rushing by.

Elaine seems to be enjoying herself, and, despite the incredible amount of foot-traffic, it seems to be a decent walk with no complications. Well, almost. As everyone stops for the "Don't Walk" sign, Elaine shrugs her shoulder in an effort to reposition her purse. About this same time, two men pass by, marching fast, behind Elaine. The second, a black-haired gentleman with a ponytail bumps into her, causing her brown purse to fall to the ground.

Notice the woman in polka-dots and the woman in red standing behind Elaine. They are there with the blond-haired woman with glasses, and rainbow-colored scarf tie that was walking around Elaine earlier.

Elaine squats to pick up her purse, and to make sure it is alright. Darn it. Poor Elaine wasn't clumsy. After all, someone bumped into her and made her purse fall.

Someone walks in front of Elaine as she is on the ground, luckily stepping over her, rather than on her.

But maybe it was a really good thing that her purse fell, because all of a sudden she catches a gleam out of the corner of her eye.

She turns her head to find a familiar sight: The silver-toed boot that she had just seen in the hotel service elevator the night before. But this time there are two boots, and someone is wearing them. They step onto and pause on top of a manhole cover, waiting for the light to change so that he could continue walking.

Musical Note:
There has only been the sounds of the street up to this point: cars rushing by, horns, incoherent mumble coming from the passerbys. But ss soon as Elaine notices the boots, the theme music kicks on, in full ominous glory, helping to add ambiance and suspense to the chase scene that follows.

Elaine pauses for a moment, wondering if what she is seeing is genuine. Indeed it is. She knows those boots. She took a mental picture of them, when she saw them during the events depicted on Page 6 of this walkthrough. Her inquisitive nature kicks in. Somehow she questions whether or not the man in the boots is somehow related to the murder that she swears she witnessed.

Elaine watches as the person wearing the boots walks away. Elaine jumps to her feet to follow them. This might be her only chance to get some real answers as to what happened last night. Her only chance to prove that she isn't just dreaming. ...That something horrible did happen, somewhere in the hotel.

Elaine starts to follow.

The woman in polka-dots is behind Elaine. The bald guy is to her right. The woman in blue is up ahead on her left.

Elaine begins to lose sight of the man with the boots and starts to jog.

Elaine catches up to the man with the leather jacket, who is now swinging his left arm. The lady in red is now behind Elaine. The bald guy is still to Elaine's right.

Elaine is starting to get worried. It seems there might be too many people walking around on the street. Elaine looks around, a hint of sadness in her eyes.

She watches as the people behind her pass by, leaving her behind.

There are piles of boxes stacked up against one of the buildings. The entire area seems a little overpopulated and rather trashed up. It sure doesn't seem like the kind of area where a major Convention Hall would be located, but then again, it may be slight foreshadowing to L.A.'s polluted future...

The woman in blue walks by. Note that the woman in red and the woman with the sunglasses also seen earlier are still behind Elaine, and haven't passed by her, like most of the other walkers. They pass her now, however, albeit slowly. In the shot of everyone passing by, it almost appears that the woman in red has already passed by and is much farther ahead, but when it shows Elaine, she is still back behind her, off to her left.

Elaine looks around some more. "Come on," she thinks. "Where did he go!? Don't tell me the one and only chance I had to find the truth is now gone. I've gotta find him!" Elaine looks high and low.

About this time, admist a pile of boxes and crumpled paper next to a trash can, Elaine sees a hand in a brown glove reaching down to pick up what is left of about ¾ of a cigarette.

As the hand moves out of the way, Elaine notices the silver-toes of the boots she has been looking for, gleaming at her in the ample sunshine provided through the high-rise buildings.

The man walks off again, but this time Elaine is going to keep a better eye on him.

The man with the leather jacket is back, but this time he is walking in the opposite direction, walking towards Elaine, and this time carrying a black case in his left hand. The woman with polka dots is standing by a building looking out towards the street and the bald haired gentleman is to Elaine's left, rubbing his head.

Elaine begins to jog faster, not wanting to lose sight of the man with the boots.

Elaine: Hey! Hey wait! Hey! You! You with the boots!

The gentleman, dressed in an overcoat with rips in the back, and wearing a similar colored baseball hat, turns and looks at Elaine. He is carrying what looks like another overcoat, and now becomes paranoid, thinking that Elaine might be a police officer.

The woman in blue is up a little father, to the right of the man in the boots.

Elaine keeps a steady eye on the man, wanting to find him in order to finally get an answer.

The older, Asian gentleman from earlier is back, and even he might believe that Elaine is a cop. He is standing next to a building, and, helping Elaine out, points in a "He went that way" fashion. The man with the book is standing off to the side, although he's no longer reading.

The man bumps into a couple standing on the corner, and pushes the girl in blue off to the side, almost out into the street.

On Closer Inspection...:
The man turns to his left, and runs down an alley that is in front of a Pizza Parlor.

As the man turns to run into the alley, the woman in polka dots is now standing in from of Elaine, and was almost cut off as the derelict turns.

Location, Location, Location:
It is unknown where these scenes were filmed, exactly, but hopefully keeps to finding the location involve using the architecture of the surrounding buildings, in combination with, say, 1990's bus routes, as there are at least three buses that pass by during this scene, including one that goes by as Elaine is standing in the entrance to the alleyway.

The man runs down the alley and takes the first opening to the right. Elaine arrives just a hair late, and by the time she arrives, the man is completely out of sight.

The look on Elaine's face is of obvious disappointment and disapproval. Her suddenly stopping, not wanting to advance any further, obviously show that something does not meet Elaine's approval, or she might be fearing for her safety.

Elaine is greeted by an alleyway approximately only 10 feet wide. It is dark, dingy, dirty, and home or hangout to at least 9 "derelicts" that live in the area.

Elaine is a little skeptical about walking down this dark, dingy, dirty, narrow little alley full of derelicts that would all be within arms reach of her, no matter where she is at.

Elaine stares into the alley, carefully scanning the area, looking closely for the mysterious man wearing the boots from yesterday.

The bald gentleman walks past the entrance to the alley, behind Elaine.

Elaine has a big heart, and as we know, she comes from eloquence. The decorum in her house, as well as her arrival of an elogent hotel such as the Wessex, are symbols as such. Because of the fancifulness of her nature, she feels an overwhelming sense of empathy for the derelicts as they stare back at her. Some of them are sleeping against the decorative hand-molded 12" x 24" blocks used in the foundation of the building they are up against. Some of them are rummaging through bags of trash. All are dressed in jackets and other cold weather clothing, implying they have nothing else but these items to keep them cold while they live on the streets. There are boxes and papers all over the ground, and the entire area is a wreck. It's a sad, sad sight, and Elaine, having money to afford luxury items and whatnot, feels bad for staring at those individuals unfortunate enough to not have anything at all, but the clothes on her back. She fears walking down the alley so close to any of these vegabonds.

Elaine turns around and begins to walk back the other way, with the thought of the boot fresh on her mind.

Notice the gentleman with the case of baldness. He had walked by the entrance earlier, but now he appears in the crowd again, walking in the other direction.

It is unknown if Elaine past the Convention Hall, and is turing around to return to it, or whether she decides not to go and returns to the hotel. She might have gone ahead and went, hoping to catch up with Mrs. Beecher... She walks off, rubbing her head as a slight headache due to all of the excitement from the recent events have got her head pounding.

As Elaine walks back down the sidewalk, notice that the woman in polka dots has changed directions, and comes walking by, now going in the same direction as Elaine. This is followed by the woman in blue who comes rushing by on Elaine's left. The woman with the multi-colored scarf-tie then runs up on Elaine's right while the lady in red runs to the left of the woman in blue. Notice they are following the bald guy...