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"Get the others."
-Jake Rogas
Wessex Hotel Manager

Meet the Staff
The friendly, smiling staff comprising the Wessex Hotel include a culmination of busy-bodied individuals helping the hotel to run in tip-top shape. Everyone in the staff has a purpose, and even the smallest and more minute occupations have a grandiose purpose. Laundrymen, flower deliverers, ice sculptors and more come together to give you the greatest experience possible. We can guarantee that your stay at the Wessex will be one you will never forget! Read more about the various occupations used within the Wessex Hotel to better acquaint yourself with the men and women who come together to make your stay spectacular.

The Wessex's manager provides overall leadership, guidance, and direction to the hotel management team as it strives to provide the highest quality in standards and services. He also acts as the main liaison between the client and hotel staff. The manager also ensures that hotel and client financial obligations are met.

Manager of the Wessex:
Jacob "Jake" Rogas

The Wessex's concierge ensures guests have everything they need during their hotel stay. These needs may include anything from arranging transportation to the airport, reserving dinner reservations, recommending places to eat, providing map directions for sight-seeking tourists, or ensuring additional housekeeping needs, such as extra towels or bottles of shampoo, are provided as requested.

Concierge of the Wessex:
Judith Teller

Greets, registers, and assigns rooms to guests. Issues room key and escort instructions to Porter. Date stamps, sorts, and racks incoming mail and messages. Keeps records of room availability and guests' accounts. Transmits and receives telephone messages and answers inquiries pertaining to hotel services.

Desk Clerk at the Wessex:

The hotel porter is in charge of carrying a hotel patron's luggage to his room, opening and closing both ventilation and windows, and help provides a valuable service to the hotel by running errands or delivering food, drink or newspapers to the patron's room.

Porter at the Wessex:

The doorman is the first staff member you will meet upon arriving at the hotel and provides your initial welcome and goodbye. He will open taxi doors for visitors arriving and leaving, secure your luggage, and make sure it is given to the hotel's porter. He prevents derelicts from hanging out around the hotel, and although he is sometimes ignored, he maintains a sense of diligence.

Doorman at the Wessex:

Keeps the entire bottom two service floors of the Wessex running smoothly and efficiently. She is in charge of accepting deliveries and packages, authorizing entry for the laundry service, flower deliverers and other workers, manning the kitchen and ice sculptors and planning activities for the day for areas of the Hotel such as prep for the Garden Cafe and the Ballroom.

Service Manager of the Wessex:
Letti Gordon

Creates delectable delicacies, such as croissants, for visiting patrons. Determines how food should be presented, and creates decorative food displays. Inspects supplies, equipment, and work areas to ensure conformance to established standards, and instructs other workers in the preparation, cooking, garnishing, and presentation of food.

Cook at the Wessex:

The waitress is in charge of welcoming clients, displaying menu cards, taking a patron's order while they are dining in the hotel's Garden Cafe, serving orders to the patrons are they are prepared, and making sure that the meal is charged to the proper room.

Waitress at the Wessex:

The maid contributes to guest comfort and ensures the daily cleaning and tidying of all the hotel bedrooms and any public areas. They also monitor the financial performance of the housekeeping department operation and the efficiency of the linen service.

Maid at the Wessex:

Under the direction of the Cook, the Kitchen Staff creates delectable delicacies for visiting patrons. They present and create decorative food displays. They help in all aspects of food preparation, cooking, garnishing, and presentation.

Kitchen Staff of the Wessex:

The hotel has most of its flowers delivered. The deliverers and arrangers design, cut, and arrange live, dried, or artificial flowers and foliage. They are responsible for keeping all of the hotel's many floral bouquets looking their best.

Flower Deliverers/Arrangers of the Wessex:
Unknown - Subcontracted out of hotel

Ensures the cleanliness of all linens and garments maintained by the hotel. Labels and stores all garments to prevent loss or misplacement. Repairs minor damages on a client's garments as well as ensuring that the laundry area and its equipment are well maintained.

Laundry Service at the Wessex:
Unknown - Subcontracted out of hotel