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"[I'm looking for] a rendering..."
-Gail Myers
City Engineer's Office

Renderings are drawings that are made of what a building or structure looks like, either before or after it is completed. There is a real-life prop set of plans and renderings that I hope to acquire (see our Prop Plans page) but until I get a copy, I have created renderings of my own, for usage on this site. More will added, as it is produced.

3-D renderings are three dimentional models that you can rotate, flip and walk through, being able to look at everything in a 360° fashion, giving you the feeling that you are in a real location. Unfortunately, I have none available at the moment, although promotional propaganda to encourage awareness of the film "Bobby" (based on the true story of the death of Robert Kennedy - which happened to occur at the Ambassador Hotel, the location used in filming the interior shots of the Wessex Hotel) created a 3-D rendering of the Hotel's Mezzanine Level. While this would prove invaluable, the "virtual tour" was removed, after almost 10 years online. And again, unfortunately, I was never able to acquire a copy. If you have any information on where I may acquire a copy, or if you know of renderings from any location used within the film, please let me know by emailing

In the image below, we see the Wessex (Ambassador) Hotel's signature fountain, in front of a door looking out into a busy roadway. We also see two of the wall sconces and two of the hotel's small potted trees, resting one on either side of the doorway.