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"Hotel's all yours."
-Judith Teller
Wessex Hotel Concierge

The top floor, it's 16th, possesses the Wessex Hotel's ballroom. It makes the perfect setting for dances, parties and wedding receptions.

Although it's slightly illegible, the handtyped floor descriptor label for each floor looks to have listed the hotel's 15th floor, as possessing the "Dalymort Suite".

The descriptor label for this floor is blank. Therefore, I have no idea what could have been on the 14th floor. Technically, if there wasn't a 13th floor, the 14th floor would be the 13th floor. In this case, as the "Mezzanine Floor" comes between "1" and "2" on the elevator, the 12th floor would be the hotel's actual 13th floor. As the 13th floor is bypassed, the stairs must run all the way from the 12th floor to the 14th.

This floor does not exist... at least that's what the staff will tell you. This floor was actually sealed off in the year 1900, following the gruesome murders of 16 individuals killed in a Satanic ritual. The floor was reopened, 90 years later, and the gruesome ritual is repeated as the staff intends on achieving immortality by murdering 16 very unlucky individuals...

Gail Myers looks in at the service hall of this floor, in order to form a mental image of what the 13th floor, should she find it, should or shouldn't look like. The 12th floor allows the viewer to know where they are, with only visual clues. We know we are on a service hall, due to the vacuum cleaner, broom and dustpan, linens, and pushcart shelf full of rolls of toilet paper. The crosswall shows it's separation from the patron areas.

The "Convention Room" is located on the Wessex Hotel's 11th floor; at least according to the handtyped descriptor label posted for the 11th floor.

The hotel's 15th floor, possesses the Wessex Hotel's ballroom. It makes the perfect setting for dances, parties and wedding receptions.

The 9th floor is the last floor Elaine runs to, on her way to escaping the demented staff, during the epic chase sequence. The service elevator, left on the 6th floor, is somehow waiting on Elaine here on the 9th floor. Elaine bypasses them by entering Room #970. Elaine is able to escape through Room #966, after running through the doors leading between the three rooms Elaine escapes into.

Mrs. Beecher had a room on the 8th floor... Room #871. Unfortunately, she "checked out" early... During the epic chase sequence Elaine runs to the 8th floor after encountering Mr. Rogas and Letti Gordon on the hotel's 7th floor.

During the epic chase sequence, Elaine runs up to the 7th floor in order to escape Abraham, coming down the hallway of the 6th Floor and to escape Judith and Porter, who are coming up from the 5th Floor.

Elaine's Room, #676 is on the Wessex Hotel's 6th Floor. It is in the back of the hotel, where Elaine overlooks the hotel's Garden Cafe.

We never get to see the hotel's 5th Floor, but this is the floor that Judith and Porter are on, before they start ascending the stairs to try and catch Elaine on the hotel's 6th Floor.

We never get to see the hotel's 4th floor, but it lies in between the hotel's 5th and 3rd.

We never get to see the hotel's 3rd floor, but it lies in between the hotel's 4th and 2nd.

We never get to see the hotel's 2nd floor, but it lies in between the hotel's 3rd and the Mezzanine Level.

The hotel's main floor is labeled "M". This could stand for Mezzanine or Main. More than likely Mezzanine, although as the floor isn't designed to be a true Mezzanine level, the "M" could very well stand for Main. This is the floor you will arrive into when you first arrive to the hotel, and the location of the hotel's Registration desk and Concierge station.

The hotel's first floor isn't the one you first come into, that would be the floor marked "M". The 1st Floor actually lies one floor below the main floor. This floor possess the hotel's kitchen and service areas.

The floor marked "B" could either be it's basement (as it's in the basement) or stand for "Boiler Room", and could potentially be the location of the hotel's boiler room. This is the location of the hotel's giant dishwashing machine.

It is completely unknown what rests on the hotel's bottom floor, but if the Wessex Hotel takes any at all after the Sheradon Town House, the real life hotel used to film the exterior shots of the Wessex, it's bottom floor would have been labeled "G", as the bottom floor of the Town House was an underground parking "Garage" stationed directly below the hotel. It's lowest level, it's indoor parking garage, also labeled "G" in it's elevator, is a floor all it's own.