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About this Space:

This is a space in my home that used to have hideous 1960's paneling and linoleum tiled floor. I completely gutted the room and changed it. I uploaded pictures of it a while ago but I've since re-aranged and added more furniture. My hope is for it to look like a fancy victorian parlor, but it's not there yet.

I want it to look more like something that you would find in a haunted house movie. Like something that hasn't been changed in 150 years. I don't mean dusty and cobwebs, just something like a period room in a museum.

If anyone has seen the movie "Nightmare on the 13th Floor"....that is sort of what I have in mind.

Maude has a done a terrific job on her Victorian Parlor. While the images show the progress of the room's renovation, the video shows the finished product. It possesses all of the Victorian charm found within the 13th Floor of the Wessex, and it looks incredible. You've done an amazing job.

Courtesy of: (YouTube user bowsbymaude)

Because I am unable to embed the copy I have on the site, I have linked to the video, which is available on YouTube.

Thumbs Up!:
Make sure you like Maude's video on YouTube!.

Description Description
The two pedestals all the way in the back corners on the left and right were from AC Moore. They were white plaster and I faux woodgrained them to look like mahogany wood. My ebay candelabras... I had to have them but at the time I had no where to put them....the look great in here.

Description Description
A console table that I love...found on craigslist..  

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A close up of the faux woodgrained plaster pedestals ($!5 each at AC Moore A closeup of the plaster medallions in the panel moulding.

Description Description
A closer view of the tiny windows  

Description Description
A room that I have been working on. I'm hoping that it will eventually look like a victorian parlor. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know. A room that I have been working on that I hope will eventually look like a victorian parlor. I know right now that its kind of bare, but if anyone has any suggestions

Description Description
Everyone, Thanks so much for your advice on furniture placement. I moved everything around a bit to try and create something a bit different. I love the table which in reality is square but has round plywood on top. From a different angle.

Description Description
One more angle This is a before picture of the room in all its paneled glory:

Description Description
This is the room before the renovation. Totally gutted at the beginning of the renovation.

Maude, your parlor looks incredible. And basing it off of "Nightmare on the 13th Floor"? That makes it even better! From start to finish, You have definitely done a good job modeling your parlor as a cross between the elegant grandeureousness of The Wessex Hotel and the antique elegance of its ominous 13th Floor. A+++