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"Nightmare on the 13th Floor of the South Park Hotel" is a novella written by aspiring author James Nelson.

Using plot elements from "Nightmare on the 13th Floor" and the South Park cast, "Nightmare on the 13th Floor of the South Park Hotel" is "a satire of the film with different characters who parody the roles from the movie."

The image at left is a promotional poster created to advertise the story.

James Nelson
November 2013 to April 2015
Inactive (?)

In November 2013 I was approached by a fan of the film named James Nelson. Originally wanting to create wallpaper to feature on the site, he mentioned he was "also a novice fanfiction writer too, and [I] can write a satire of the film with different characters who parody the roles from the movie."

Well, naturally, NOTTFO was intrigued. I wanted to know more.

From then on James was regularly providing me with storyline details, character renderings, background music, and more, in an effort to bring the story to life, as well as keeping me updated as to its progress. I told James I would love to add the fanfic section to NOTTFO's fanstuff section, and he was ecstatic. He kept regularly sending details until July of 2014.

Like NOTTFO's tragic loses over the years, James experienced his own loss. His hard drive failed completely, and everything was lost. He was devastated, but I tried convincing him to continue working on the project. I was able to provide him with all the details he had shared with me, images and music included, because I had been saving it all to one day add to this section.

James continued working on the project, providing details up until April of 2015. His last message mentioned the possiblity of a prequel, to help set the pace of the primary story. I was thrilled and still wanted to learn more, but I haven't heard from him since. I will continue to contact him, hoping that he could one day finish the fanfiction he started. While currently incomplete, his ideas are still worthy of merit, and the story is definitely captivating and worthy of mention. Because of this I am adding every stitch of information I have relating to the story to this section of the site.

Below you will find details on all characters, all renderings, music downloads, and a complete plot outline as to story as it has currently been written. If any new details emerge, they will be promptly added to the page below.

Officer Barbrady: (based on Sergeant Madden) - Replaced by Sgt. Yates

Sharon Marsh: (based on Elaine Kalisher) - Sharon Marsh (Elaine) works as a Receptionist at Tom's Rhinoplasty, feels she should take a vacation from Stan and Shelly's nagging. So she checks in at the child-run "South Park Hotel", the first 16 floor hotel run by entirely... kids from South Park! Also, during her stay, she discover there's strange things going on, like hearing "Jigoku Rock" from the vents, finding a service elevator to go to the City Council convention, and eyeing on the first murder she saw. To her surprise, Randy Marsh, Sharon's husband, took a job at the hotel as the staff doctor. Sharon still tries to tell Randy and the staff that she saw a murder, and Randy says it's 'baloney'. So her adventure goes on to find the truth why adults and teens are sent on the 13th floor just to be 'vanished'. Pretty soon, Sharon feels that this kid-operated hotel is more like "Children of the Corn"...

The Killer: (based on The Killer)

Stan Marsh: (based on Jacob Rogas) - Sharon's son, is your manager of the South Park Hotel. He's like Mr. Rogas. Sharon praises Stan for his job as manager, but will take a terrifying turn that Stan is on to something bad...

Eric Cartman: (based on Letti Gordon) - The service manager. Expect Cartman to act edgier than Letti Gordon, but does the things Letti does, and sometimes have guests offer them 'something to make them welcome', and they get to the 13th floor.

Kyle Broflovski: (based on Abraham) - A modern day Abraham. He's a Jewish desk clerk that takes care of the guests' checkings and provide the guests with warm services.

Leopold "Butters" Stotch: (based on Creeson) - Your doorman like Creeson. Butters may be charming to let you in and out of many places in the South Park hotel, but can be on the dark side if the staff is on your tail for bad deeds.

The Concierge is Wendy Testaburger: (based on Judith Teller) - Like Judith, she'll show you the ropes of the hotel, and will often help you anything you need...

South Park Hotel: (based on The Wessex Hotel)

1. In the second draft, the South Park Hotel DOES have history from 1984. It was originally called Makaimura Hotel ("Demon World Village Hotel"), a once luxurious hotel for the rich. When Charley Richard Brown arrived, he knew the word "Makaimura" had meaning, the 80s rpg games like Dungeons and Dragons, etc. had an evil feel. Charley felt an aura from the Woodland Critters that he NEEDS to be a top RPG master by killing off 16 people by doing attacks from D&D, and succeeded by being given the RPG Master title by the Critters. After the population think Charley went missing, the Makaimura Hotel was shut down not lasting for a year. In 1997, Make-A-Wish Foundation had a chance to renovate the hotel with kids working as the hotel staff, changed the evil name to South Park Hotel, and the frieze you see in my photo is constructed at that time frame. In 2014, the hotel still holds something sinister for a new killer hired by the Woodland Critters, picking up where Charley left off...

The Woodland Critters are a bunch of cute animals living in the forest near South Park that actually are a cult that worships evil. They give orders to unsuspecting passersby by doing evil things to have the passersby given the power of the evil. Very much like Avery Block's gateway to hell, huh?

2. How about the name "Makaimura Sou", huh? In Japanese, it's "Great Demon Village House" when it was a five star hotel in 1984 before Brown stepped into the picture. When it was renovated 13 years later in October 1997, 13 years, devil's number, hard luck number, ring the bell?

Raisins: (based on The Garden Cafe) - The Garden Cafe, will be in my fanfiction is "Raisins", a Hooters style restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner run by pretty pre-teen waitresses. One of the young waitresses is Paris (A local who looks like Paris Hilton), a 20+ year old waitress. Later on, she'll be a vital part for the staff.

Room #9 on the 13th Floor: (based on Room #9 on the 13th Floor)
Based on the Japanese Manga "Love Hina"'s Hinata House. Room 302, Motoko Aoyama's Room.

As you can see, my version of Room #9 on the 13th floor is an old fashioned Japanese room with Sengoku era artifacts. Check this: It'll have a ground bed for drugged victims to lay on, indicating great pain on the body when victims wake up. Also, Japanese swords and wood bokkens adorn the walls, also indicates sudden death for the victims' fates. There'll be a statue with Samurai Armor to show the victim that he or she will get scared even more. Wall scrolls and and old tea set near the ground bed add to the Sengoku era feel. For the bricked windows, my version will be the frieze hidden by door slides disguised as window panels, in order to fool anyone that thinks there's gonna be daylight. The only lights we'll see out of this are bare yellow light bulbs at flicker throughout the floor.

Here are my 2 renderings of my room 9 for my South Park 13th Floor fanfic.
Here are more details to both of my renderings.

First rendering has a desk added on the far left with two red chairs above the ground bed.

Second photo has two red chairs added.

Your walkthrough says "The camera pans around the room. We see a fireplace with cover in front of it, an older clock on the mantle, the small table with the oil lamp, an older styled dusty chair, a framed portrait and a decorative vase atop another table in between the chair and the window."

How about, "The camera pans around the room. We see what will take place of the fireplace and clock in my next rendering, a small table with a small Japanese lamp, a red velvet chair and another at the very bottom, a framed portrait of Jubei Yagyu from Samurai Spirits and a Wan-Fu statuette atop another table in between the red chair and the bricked over window."

In my first photo, I've made the ground bed with a raised platform, a three legged chair, a small table on the left of the ground bed with a Japanese table lamp. On the left there's a photo of Janne D'Arc from World Heroes 2 (An arcade game) above the table with the lamp, and on the right there's a photo of Ryoko, also from World Heroes 2. They look like they're looking at the victim waiting to be killed. On the far right there's a hutch and bureau. I'll render the full details of what's inside the hutch when I get to it.

The second photo has a different angle of the ground bed and the bureau/hutch on the left, a bricked over window with the big scare for any victim who wants to see any light, but won't; there's a three legged table with a Wan-Fu statuette on top of it, and on the right, a photo of Jubei Yagyu (Samurai Spirits) and a sconce.

Well, my design is on fire, and look at this rendering from the 3rd quarter.

In this perspective, we see another table with another Japanese lantern on top of it, the two red chairs, a shrine with a sword and scabbard on top of its' carrier, a photo of Haohmaru between two sconces acting as a shrine, a dead alarm clock with a 00:00 sticker on it, a Jubei Yagyu photo on the far left, the spatially absent connector door on the right, and a painting that's going to be on my next rendering.

On my first photo with the kanji on the ground bed, that's a person's Japanese name. Who knows who slept on it until the Makaimura Sou owners made these ground beds with the guests' names on those beds.

The suspense is coming closer, I myself won't go in this room! LOL

The 13th Floor: (based on The 13th Floor)
This will be my fanfic version of the 13th floor: The service elevator will still be in use with the stairs, but the hallway design on this photo will be present. This Japanese style decor of the hallway attains the old pagoda style look. Hardwood floors, panels, wooden ceiling, the dim bare light bulbs on the ceiling, etc. really feels the eerieness of the floor.

The Altar Room: (based on The Altar Room) - The Altar Room will be like no other: It'll look like my version of Room #9, but it'll have a desk with a present day MP3 player, Japanese Artbooks on top of it, video game swordsmen statues take place of the demonic artifacts and taxidermied creatures (Some of them ready to strike with katana blades give it an epic scare), bookshelves with Japanese manga and knicknacks, a door that leads to a high-tech elevator switch (Two big buttons marked "UP" and "DOWN"). When you're talking about the Sengoku era, you know you're gonna be scared.

Items from the Altar Room:

The Vials
The Vials
The Statue in the Coffin
Bear Statue

The Wolf
The Dragon Statue
Spell Book
Spell Book

The Vials
The bust with the Candelabra

This is my rendering of the first part of the Altar Room.

You'll see two book/knickknack shelves on the left corner, a Ryoko statue in place of the Suit of Armor, a Hanzo statue with a sharp blade he's wielding in place of the Buddha-esque statue, a small table with a Ina figure on top of it near the entrance, a gray chair above the two statues along with a matching ottoman that Sgt. Yates will have problems with, and a small table with a small coffin-like paperweight and a Cham-Cham figure on top of it, and the paperweight is sandwiched with two mag-lites. The Cham-Cham figure is in place of the skull. Cham-Cham's boomerang is part of the nightmare, since boomerangs have a heavy amount of wood used to stun enemies. The heavier the boomerang, the deadlier it is. Sometimes they can be modded with sharp tools, so sharp that it can slit a person's neck. Ina's bow and arrows signify the marksmanship of the killer's use of weapons and how well he uses them. Like the killer's battery pack and water used to kill Linda, his lighter to use it on his fart cloud to burn Lexus, the heavy kelvar spiked shoes he used to kick Scott Tenorman's crotch twice and stomped his face, anything an expert killer needs to make his kills accurate. Hanzo's katana will prove it fatal in Sharon's escape from the staff. It'll kill off one of the staff members while one who bumps against the Ryoko statue will crush another.

Ahh, so many reasons and ways why my version of the Altar Room can be scary.

The Ryoko and Hanzo statues with the two knickknack and book shelves on the right, the gray chair with the ottoman, an operating fireplace, and here's something very similar: a Damien Thorn fireplace cover behind a roaring flame, ladder rungs for the staff on the left and right columns of the fireplace, along with two candlabras holding three mag-lites each colored crimson red, a BIG poster of Satan from South Park, a solo bookshelf on the left, along with a Poppy wolf statue from Samurai Spirits, a table with a Nakoruru figure, a wall mounted table with a Rimururu figurine, a Monkey D. Luffy poster stuck on the top of the bookshelf, a Tony Tony Chopper trophy on the wall, two sconces between the Satan poster, a Buster Blade on the left of the fireplace, a turned away chair with a desk, and the desk has the famous MP3 Player that sounds the South Park Hotel Death March, and two Magic The Gathering rule books in place of the mystic scrolls.

Like the taxidermied wolf in the movie, the Poppy statue is like in the Samurai Spirits game, it attacks opponents when Galford, Poppy's master, sics it. Poppy does have ninjitsu moves, they can hurt, and Poppy can bite opponents while Galford finishes them off. Nakomuru and Rimururu are sisters. Nakoruru uses nature (A big hawk) and her short blade to attack, and Rimururu uses ice to freeze.When they fight together, Rimururu can freeze the enemy while Nakoruru can either finish him off with her hawk or by blade. Death comes by the ways of sisterhood. The wanted poster signifies the killer who must kill when somebody is sent to the 13th floor. When the victims come, they're 'wanted' by the killer. The Chopper trophy is when the killer finishes off the victims, he counts their heads and keeps them as trophies for the 16 kill count.

I've redesigned this rendering, and these are the new details:

Like the taxidermied turtle and crocodile on the triangular table, I moved the Nakoruru figurine next to the Rimururu figurine so that it'll give a sisterhood look. The triangular table also has 3 legs. On the table between the sisters and the Taxidermied Poppy dog, the Ukyo Tachibana figurine takes over Nakoruru's spot. For the two gargoyles near the fireplace, I've placed two Ms. Ellen statues, one on each side between the fireplace opening.

About the Ms. Ellen statues, on an older South Park episode, Ms. Ellen was executed when the terrorists threw Ms. Ellen in a missle and sent her to the center of the Sun to die. Also signifies the statues near the flame.

LOL, I can see it now when Sgt. Yates first enters this room, the statues and the posters would be watching him, and the readers will know that Yates' fate will be sealed!

I'll do the third perspective, and I might do a close up on the desk and the things that are on it.

I'm going to put some new additions in the Altar Room. What do you think of these figures and weapons as statues? To me, the weapons AND the Gundams represent the Japanese culture and the waiting victims' deaths.

- If there would be a backstory to the previous 9 killings all the way to Madison's murder that Sharon saw, it'll be like the horror version of Arthur Hailey's Hotel where the celebrities staying at the Hotel with their stories (ala Fantasy Island or any Aaron Spelling show) the South Park Hotel staff would find suitable for the killer.

- Also, for the 9 offscreen deaths, they'll be found by the medics and the police after the 13th floor is blown up, and put in body bags, and we'll discover the first 9 victims were along with the six onscreen characters that were killed.

1a. The woman who looks like Madison Paige from Heavy Rain: After the elevator knocks Sharon unconscious, she wakes up to find herself looking at the 13th floor with Japanese decor and flickering yellow light bulbs. Sharon hears some broken bones, and a voice coming from a young woman, looking like Madison Paige. Sharon sees a shadow of a killer applying a rear naked choke on Madison, landing face down, killer's face unseen. Madison has blood drooling from the corner of her mouth, petrifying Sharon in the process. Madison pleads Sharon to help her by saying "Please... help me... get this jerk... off me... please...", and the choke is now applying more strength, making Madison bleed from the mouth more thicker. Then... SNAP goes the neck. The killer drags Madison away, and Sharon faints. Before this happens, Sharon finds Madison's boot in the elevator.

1b. The lady that looks like Madison Paige from Heavy Rain (The Circum-scythe death): The killer used the "Dust of Dreams" attack to blind and stun the woman as Sharon looked on in terror, and the killer used an izmel (A Jewish circumcision knife) to slash her face, incise her chest, arms, legs, etc until she suffers from a major blood loss and drop to the floor facing Sharon. Even if the lady has a slashed face, this lady will still drizzle blood from the mouth like the man Elaine saw.

1c. I've found some Heavy Rain concept art of Madison with the boots that'll be found in the elevator.

2a. Mrs. Testaburger, our Mrs. Beecher in my fanfic, is a City Council member and Wendy's mother. Mrs. Testaburger is staying at this kid-run hotel to see how Wendy is doing as a concierge, and has a City Council Meeting at the South Park Convention Center. She sees Sharon and quickly become friends and share each others' views on how to take care of the South Park Hotel by adding more adults than kids. The staff is well aware of this, and even though Wendy is part of this, her mother must not go to the meeting. Like Mrs. Beecher, Mrs. Testaburger has been drugged and they had her transferred to Room #9 on the 13th floor. As Sharon was checking on Mrs. Testaburger, Kyle tells Sharon she "check out earlier and went back home". You know what happens to Mrs. Testaburger when she saw the Sengoku era room, and tries to escape, the killer broke her bones and snapped her neck.

2b. Mrs. Testaburger: New death (The Assault and Battery death): Instead of the old bone breaking, the killer has a new one: armed with a metal baseball bat and regular baseball, he tosses the ball up the ceiling, and as Mrs. Testaburger focuses on the ball, the killer SWINGS a home run by cracking her head with a well timed swing, and as she lays down on the hardwood floor, the killer hits the downed Mrs. Testaburger four more times until we see Sharon in the gift shop. Not even Mrs. Beecher would love a metal bat to her head than the axe! LOL

2c. Mrs. Testaburger's new motive in the beginning is when she uses the 'vacation' subject as a cover to figure out why the population of kids are working in this hotel and no adults working. She tells Sharon to come with her to the City Council Convention to have the kid-operated hotel banned and have adults work there again... but Mrs. Testaburger will have her last stay... During this conversation, Lexus secretly calls the staff about Mrs. Testaburger's investigation, and must be silenced.

3a. Scott Tenorman, who's like Peddler, is a sixth grade teen who salvages the clothing from the boiler in the hotel. In my fanfic, Scott takes the hustle from the sixth graders, and the leader tells Scott to find any clothing that belongs to the staff of the hotel. If he can do it, the sixth graders will give him $5,000 the graders rob for the South Park bank. As Scott takes on the hustle, Sharon runs into him, and asks him about Madison's boot, and it appears that Scott is wearing them. Sharon thinks he's behind the killing of Madison Paige, but he didn't do anything. He is annoyed by Sharon's questions, and threatens Sharon to get out of his way. A few days later, Scott is still looking for valuable clothing to turn in for the graders until Cartman comes along for the fun. Cartman strikes a deal with Scott in finding clothes that'll be worth millions. Scott thinks this over, but Cartman guides him to the service elevator. Scott becomes timid when Cartman does funny things with the 12 button. When they get to the 13th floor, Cartman tosses Scott into this death floor, and Scott threatens Cartman to open the door, with Cartman flipping him off as the door closes. Scott is stuck in this floor, thinking this will be the last hustle he's ever made. The killer cometh... and Scott Tenorman broketh.

3b. Scott Tenorman (The Roshambo death) As Scott was in the 13th floor, the killer stood in Scott's way, and makes Scott play a 'simple' game of rock, paper, scissors. Scott thinks that this game is the way out of the floor, but he accepts. Now he and the killer play the game. Rock... Paper... NUTS!!! Before we all know who was gonna win, the killer automatically wins the match by kicking Scott Tenorman in the scrotum, writhing with real pain as he tumbles and rolls over the ground. The killer gains an additional kick to the groin, doubling Scott's already painful experience. The scene ends when the killer uses the ground stomp on Scott's face, killing him.

4a. Paris from Raisins: The staff is in dire straits about Sharon digging more about this hotel. The staff will soon see Paris as a threat, wanting to go to Officer Barbrady and leak info on this sadistic hotel. So, they do one thing... "Take this bitch up." As they go up, Kyle and Wendy restrain Paris and say mean things as Paris whimpers about this up and coming fate of doom. They throw Paris to the 13th floor, and after the door closes, the killer takes Paris down for some bone breaking, adding to the tally.

4b. Lexus from "Raisins" (The Burning Cloud death) When Kyle, Wendy and Cartman throw Lexus in the 13th floor, the killer is armed with a cigarette lighter and turns his back from Lexus, and bends over. As he's bending over, he flicks his lighter, and lets out a cloud of fart inducing odor, and sets the fart cloud on fire, busting out a stream of fire to burn Lexus to a crisp! I decided to change Paris' name to Lexus because her new name is sharp.

5a. Linda Stotch, Butters' mother, and engineer (like Gail Myers) is eager to help Sharon into digging up the mystery. Linda is a pro at reading schematics, studying blueprints, fixing panels, you name it. One day, Linda came to Cartman to see about the service elevator. Cartman is about to guide Linda, but she wants to do this alone, and Cartman accepts this. Linda, like Sharon wants to know the easy way to get to the 13th floor, so when the elevator stops on the 12th, Linda gets her glasses on, and reads the schematics. Linda unscrews the panel, and looks for something. And that something is a switch that'll gain access to the 13th floor. As she is fiddling around with the panel, sparks fly out and land right square on Linda's eyes blurring her sight and her glasses landing in the wiring box. The elevator goes to the 13th floor, but Linda is now near sighted, thanks to the flying sparks to her face. She tries to adjust her sight at the Japanese decor, and hears "Jigoku Rock" but no avail. Linda tries to focus on person and asks her if he can find the glasses for her... and broken bones for Linda.

5b. Linda Stotch (The Lightning Volt death) As Linda struggles to see the hallways, the killer carries a battery pack, two jumper cables, and a gas container of water. When the killer faces Linda, she thinks it is Butters and wants to help him look for her work glasses. The killer pours water on her high heeled feet, sets the pack on high voltage, and he sets the jumper cables on the water, electrocuting Linda to death.

6a. Officer Barbrady is your easy going, law abiding officer for the South Park Police, who is never busy, always on time for arrests, investigations, and goes little for paperwork, and did I mention he doesn't overwork on signing papers? Well, when Sharon first met Barbrady, it was a case of Scott Tenorman with Madison's boots from the time she was killed, Barbrady insists Sharon to ease up her imagination, because there was no Madison, for she is a girl in a video game. Later, Barbrady calls Sharon and tells her that Scott was just making a bet to find any hotel clothing for the sixth graders. The next day featured Sharon telling Barbrady about the officer who was breathing down Charley Richard Brown in 1984, and Barbrady said that Officer Raymond Maxi was the one that trailed Brown, but never found him. Barbrady suggests Sharon to see Priest Maxi about Raymond's quest from 1984. Next day, Barbrady discovers that Linda Stotch is missing, so he goes with Sharon to the South Park Hotel. He demands the staff that whatever he and Sharon find, they'll get fried for Linda's disappearance. So, Sharon and Barbrady take the service elevator to the 12th floor, but Barbrady wants to check this out alone. Barbrady goes into the 13th floor, and begins to check out Room #9, and sees the same thing Mrs. Testaburger witnessed. Then Barbrady goes into the Altar Room, and scoping at the Japanese stuff that MAY (a BIGGEST 'may') seal Barbrady's fate. After Barbrady is scared stiff at the video game samurai statues and busts, bare light bulbs going out, he backs up and trips on a footstool, dropping his gun in the process. Barbrady wants out, and killer goes to the two button switch, and pushes a big "TO HELL" button, and the elevator goes down to the 6th floor, think Sharon is betraying Barbrady. Will this active officer die? Not in my fanfic, as he produces a staff with a built in grappling hook and drum full of rapelling rope. Barbrady uses this on the pipings of the shaft, and using his fat body, he rapels down to the top of the elevator to get to Sharon. As they enter... Barbrady gets 'upset' at 'leaving Sharon' down on the 6th floor. Sharon tells Barbrady in vain that the elevator won't work, but Barbrady see this as a betrayal, and the pistol-less Barbrady LEAVES Sharon as she'll be on her own.

6b. Before we get to Sgt. Yates, I decided to lay Officer Barbrady off of this one, for he is bumbling and dumb to be solving major cases, but... like I said, I'll let Sgt. Yates to take the reins, and have Officer Barbrady to give the missing persons paper to Yates, that Linda is missing. Linda's husband, Stephen, was present with Sharon. Stephen demands Yates to look into the manner while Barbrady tends to the Damien case. Stephen also threatens Yates that if Butters was in on this cult Stephen doesn't know about, he'll ground his son big time. Also with Sharon and Stephen are the Sixth Graders who Scott makes his hustles to, telling Yates that if the Sixth Graders' Ninth Grader connections to Scott's hustle for the clothes reaches the deadline, they won't have the money for the narcs and will cut off their party line; the pretty pre-teen workers at Raisins demand Lexus to come back after she went missing, because Lexus was their top paying waitress; Mr. Testaburger came back from the high school reunion to find out that his wife is missing via Barbrady; and Sgt. Yates has had enough of the Taco Bell case he was feverishly working on, and tends to do the South Park Hotel case with Sharon, giving the Taco Bell case to Officer Barbrady.

6c. The RAGING BULL RUSH death! When Sgt. Yates dropped his pistol and heard the elevator descending, he ran towards the service hallway, and Yates thought that he can do away with the killer by having the killer fall down to his death than arresting him and bringing him to the police, Yates decides to showboat the killer. But, the killer has donned a football helmet, and begins to charge like a bull, he rams into Yates' abdomen, almost teetering Yates into the shaft. The second bull rush is when the killer modded the helmet with a seppuku blade on top, and rams into Yates the second time... and jamming the seppuku blade into Yates' mouth, and taking off the helmet to watch Yates fall to his death!

Like Sgt. Madden, Sgt. Yates is married to Maggie Yates. In a deleted scene of my own, after Sharon tells Yates to go to the Tenorman house next day for the boots Scott 'stole', Yates tells Maggie to step off when she asked him how's work going. He tells Maggie about the Taco Bell case is going to last forever and tells her about the new case involving Scott Tenorman that Sharon told him to work on. Maggie assures Sgt. Yates to do the new case the next day, and happily accepts.

6d. I've got an update on Sgt. Yates' death. Instead of the seppuku blade, the killer rams Yates to the elevator shaft like I said, but my new kill is like what the Wessex Killer did to Sgt. Madden just to give it a shout out: The killer takes off the football helmet with Sgt. Yates hanging on the threshold, and to get Yates' hands off the floor, the killer throws the helmet down on Yates' hands like the killer is spiking the football at the end zone, one spiked throw on each hand, and Yates falls to the elevator's top. Mirrors the killer chopping Madden's fingers off, huh?


"Jigoku Rock"
- Jigoku Shoujo OST

This is the "South Park Hotel Death March" right on this site: This will be played on the MP3 player in the Altar Room when the killer goes on to kill the victims. If "Ragtime Piano" meant to scare you, try this out.


"Winged Death"
- Silent Hill OST


- Silent Hill OST


"This Is My Nest"
- Resident Evil 2 OST

13th Floor Themes


"Nicole's Death"
- South Park Hotel Theme

This audio file is the one I made when Sharon sees Nicole Garner dying in the 13th floor. In the beginning of the file, the two screen mode is still in effect, with Sharon moving the retractable gate and the door to reveal the Japanese pagoda style floor like I mentioned last year, the bare light bulbs from the ceiling, the old table with a Japanese bust on the top, hardwood flooring, etc., and Nicole being dragged in front of the service hallway and about to be slashed with the izmel blade to her face many times. In the beginning of the murder clip, the swipes of the izmel blade indicates the izmel blade coming in contact with her cheek, eyebrows, etc. making scars across her face with blood splashing. That appears on the right screen. When the killer drops Nicole to the hardwood floor where she makes contact with Sharon, Nicole's face is scarred and blood is drizzling from her mouth and appears to be in great pain. Nicole weakly pleads according to the next clip "Please... help me... Please, help me, please..." Sharon is mortified as she watches, unable to help. The trail of blood coming from Nicole's mouth is getting larger. Nicole is going to die, and she knows the end is coming for her... "You gotta help me, please..." Sharon is now powerless to help, as she watches Nicole being dragged away by the killer who took Nicole's life. Sharon then faints in the service elevator.

See, the horror of the "Jigoku Rock" death march along with Nicole's painful noises and young-sound pleads add to the terror of readers to wish that Nicole would rescue her cast members, even though they were killed. And to see a beautiful and strong woman like Nicole to get her face slashed and die would be too sad, but that's the way the plot goes.

I've wrote a new take on Sgt. Yates entering the altar room and the two elevator buttons the killer uses to take the elevator down to the sixth floor. Here's a taste of it...

From Yates' perspective, we see quite a sight as we look into the room. There is a Cham-Cham/Paku Paku figurine sitting on a small, black, coffin shaped box atop a round 2½ foot wide wooden table on which a candle is also sitting, one on each end of the miniature coffin. There is a SodaStream bottle above the Cham-Cham figurine, more than likely used in ritual practice. Also on this small table, we see another sign of trouble. An alarm clock whose panel reads and blinks "00:00", implying that time has run out. This is an symbolic in foreshadowing what happens to victims that come across this horrible place. There is a vicious looking Charotte statue with a rapier included, an equally vicious looking Galford statue with his taxidemied dog Poppy, Japanese Samurai Spirits statues, a modern schoolteacher's desk with a "Alterier Anthology" video game set (The "Alterier Anthology" is a series of three girls who are Alchemists in training, so "alchemy" is what the killer does in his spare time), a desk lamp, an open Magic: The Gathering spell book (But in reality, it's an Official Rule Book), Magic: The Gathering playmats, the imfamous MP3 player and a few small soda cans. There are various anime sculptures, katanas, and other visions of Japanese images like a trophy of Tony Tony Chopper (One Piece's reindeer with a light purple hat with a big "X" on it and has a blue nose) hanging like a centerpiece on a dull brown built-in section of the wall, overlooking a Rubbermaid Tub marked "Weapons Cache" over a shelf containing small knickknacks. Whoa, Yates' eyes say "What the heck kind of freaky stuff is going on here!?" as he continues scanning the room.

The Sargeant enters... He notices the chair behind the desk. It is facing backwards. Could the killer be sitting in it?

Sgt. Yates: Hey you, do you know where Linda Stotch is?

Here's more for you to look at: There is a life sized Hatsune Miku statue, a Ukyo Tachibana statue, vases, urns, do you remember the Zankuro Minazuki figure? It's there on a small platform center of the fireplace mantle. Five Mag-Lites, two on either side of a central Mag-Lite, are lit, and sitting in decorative Mag-Lite holders. There are five, single, unoperating Mag-Lites on the right side of the mantle: two below the holder, one on either side, and three sitting a few inches apart, a few inches away from these. There is a small Mag-Lite lit under the Zankuro statue and two single Mag-Lites, one on either side of the left hand holder, sitting on the left hand side of the mantle. There is decorative woodwork on the fireplace, in which a roaring fire is blazing, in between two Genjuro Kibagami statues. There is Cloud's Buster Sword to the left of the fireplace, under the present looking gaslight, and to the right of a giant four shelf bookshelf, more than likely filled with tales of anime, thrilling action adventure, horror and fun-filled comedy.

Sgt. Yates: Okay, bud, if you don't wanna talk, I'll... come there and make you talk!

Yates, nervously making his way over to the desk, is trying to be as careful as possible. Unfortunately he doesn't notice that red Rubbermaid Tub, sitting about four feet in front of the matching red leather chair. He hits it with his foot and accidentally kicks it. It makes a thud, followed by two slightly smaller thuds as it gains acquired momentum, and quickly aligns back in its' same spot. This seems to startle Yates, as he was trying to sneak up on whoever might be sitting in the chair. The element of surprise was gone as soon as Sharon started hollering, but now, with Yates kicking the tub, we know there is no sneaking up on "the killer".

We see another shot of the chair behind the desk. The vicious looking Charlotte statue stands, her rapier gleaming, looking as if she is poised to attack.

The lighting is very bad, as the present day wall mounted gaslit sconces and bare light bulbs on the ceiling do little to fill the room with light. Thank goodness for the fire in the fireplace and the operating Mag-Lites on the mantle.

The Sargeant readies himself as he slowly extends his left arm out, behind the MP3 Player, and slowly reaches it towards the top right hand edge of the back of the chair.

Sgt. Yates: Alright, whoever you are, you can show yourself now!

Grabbing the chair, he slowly pushes it to the left, where the front side of the chair would spin clockwise towards him. He slowly pushes, slowly pushes...

All of a sudden he gives it a thrust. In the process he whips his left arm back up, grabbing onto the pistol already being held by his right hand. He is ready to shoot.

Sgt. Yates: SURPRISE!!!

Yates's final forceful thrust causes the chair to spin around to face him. As the chair is halfway around, we can see that the chair is empty. This, along with the relieved look on Yates' face tells us there is nothing to worry about.

Sgt. Yates: This shit I gotta put up with for a missing person!

Indeed, there is no one. Yates is relieved. He takes a big sigh of relief, relaxes both of his arms, bringing them down to his side. His left hand clutches the desk and he puts his head down.

Sgt. Yates: I mean, what year are these people living in?

Yates slides to his left so that his right arm, still holding on to his sidearm, can also clutch onto the desk. Yates takes a breather, and tries to relax. He shouldn't however. Someone still had to have turned the music on, so there's got to be someone, still on the floor.

As the lights dim, Yates knows he is no longer alone. The room would be pitch dark if it weren't for the operating Mag-Lites and fire roaring in the fireplace. Trapped in a room full of strange artifacts and an overall creepy feeling do not help to relieve Yates' fears. In fact, it only makes it worse.

Horrific images are shown, used as a reminder of the BIGGEST tragedy to come:

You know the taxidermied Poppy dog with the Galford statue? It's whose wide-open mouth reveal several sharp and menacing looking teeth. The look on his face say that he wants to bite, rip and shred. It's a symbolic reminder of danger used as a plot element and help contribute to the notion that something bad is about to happen.

Yates slowly turns to face the now off (electronically) wall sconces.

We next see the SAME Zankuro statue, with a sadistically content smile and a huge blade gleaming, sitting on the small little wooden platform that acts as an altar, and is the focal point in between elaborate and ornate Mag-Lite holders. It's in the center of the fireplace mantle, residing directly above the roaring fire. It's another sign that something bad is going to happen. We see another picture of Yates, who slowly turns his gaze back towards the desk.

We are then shown another picture of Cham-Cham (Yes, we've seen this!), sitting atop the small coffin shaped box on the small table in the center of the room. Cham-Cham is anthrotomorphic of death, and is yet another sign of impending doom because of the deadly boomerang she's chucking and Paku Paku the chimp is by her side to do extra attacks. The juxtaposition of all three of these images, back to back with images of Yates are plot metaphors, implicating that Yates' fate is sealed...

Yates scans the area behind the desk. The lights went off for a reason - because somebody turned them off - and Yates gets the strange feeling that he is not alone.

We see another shot of the desk. The chair is facing front, now, and the vicious looking Charlotte statue doesn't look any less menacing. We hear shuffling, coming from the in darkened area behind the desk. What's this? Half hidden by the Charlotte statue, half silhouetted, we can see the outline of a figure behind the female fencer. He's in the open spot between the bear and the chair. We can make out a shadowed ninja masked head with shades, shoulders and arms, but it's the white sticking out from under the killer's black windbreaker, that really sets him off. Yates sees this too.

Sgt. Yates: There you are... This bullet... has your name...

The figure's movement, predominately the white wristbands that wraps his wrists, definitely helps to get Yates' heart pumping.

He rushes the pistol upward, grabbing it with both hands. In his haste, he anxiously fires a shot, hoping that it hits whoever is lurking behind the Charlotte statue...

Sharon, waiting patiently in the elevator, hasn't heard anything thus far. She's been listening to "Jigoku Rock", which she already associates with death, but she hasn't heard any signs of struggle or screaming up to this point. And now, out of the blue, she hears a shot. Looking upward towards the direction of the 13th Floor's door, she is extremely worried.

Sharon: Yates? YATES????

Sharon figits as she hangs her hands in front of her midsection, holding her purse by the strap, using only two fingers on her right hand. Poor Sharon is powerless and is completely unable to help poor Yates. She hopes for the best, or at least that Yates' shot took the killer down.

The camera flashes back to the vicious Charlotte statue. Below it's head we now see two white wristband outlines and a hand. The hands raise where we can get a better shot of what is going on. The frilled white garment protruding from under the black windbreaker, are cloaked around the wrists of somebody holding a heavy, metal headed apparatus. The hands and handle are to the right of Charlotte's massive armor, providing a contrast of horrificness. The football helmet is darkened out of view, but the facemask is plainly in view. Seeing the handle and especially being held in an obtrusive position, Yates knows something is wrong.

He backs up two steps, aims carefully, and fires again.

Sgt. Yates: I missed! Stay still, damn you!!

The Sargeant should have turned around, but he was trying to keep an eye on the action. Two more steps backwards, and Yates runs into the red Rubbermaid tub that he bumped into during his entry into this room. But earlier, Yates was sneaking in, and barely bumped it. This time, however, he is trying to make a break for it, and is nervously still trying to keep an eye on whoever is coming for him, and hits the Weapons Cache tub full on. It causes him to stumble.

Yates' stumble becomes a full on fall. He stumbles to the point that he literally flies forward, fully extended, flat on his face.

Then the tub spills the weapons to the floor.(They consist of a fire extinguisher (Used for freezing victims), socks with loaded rocks (Used to throw slings to their heads, knocking them unconscious), sound cans (When used, make a LOUD noise to stun victims) and more. He is mortified! He has to get up and out of this vulnerable position.

Yates brings his hands around, trying to flip back over onto his back. The fall makes Yates' gun fall out of his hand and into the clutter of weapons. He isn't worried about finding the gun, he just wants to get out of there, as quickly as possible. Yates stumbles to his feet, and runs towards the door.

Sgt. Yates: Shit, I'm gettin' the fuck outta here!

Grabbing onto the door frame, catching his breath and his balance, he looks back, mortified.

Yates, now gunless and scared out of his wits, makes a mad dash down the corridor he so cautiously traversed, only a minute ago. After a couple of steps, he turns and looks backwards. Hopefully he can put some distance between him and the killer. He makes it around the corner, and runs down the second corridor, leading to the service hallway and the service elevator.

The killer, aware of his surroundings, is in no hurry to chase Yates down. He can halt Yates' progress, in a matter of seconds.

He knows Yates is running towards the elevator, and he has the power to control the elevator, via two big buttons. These two giant buttons, are built into a small recess in the wall, and is trimmed out with dull brown casing, matching the moulding throughout the rest of the room. The way this works, when one pushes the giant button marked "Heaven", the elevator will go up. When one hits the button marked "Hell", the elevator will go instanly down. When a button is controlling the elevator, the buttons on the control panel are rendered useless. The killer pushes the "Hell" button, and the elevator starts to descend.

It's sudden jerking shocks Sharon, who is unaware of anything going on around her. She goes to the control panel, trying to press buttons - anything to get the elevator to stop, but it isn't stopping.

The second thing the killer does, before pursuing Yates, is stop to pick up the Rubbermaid tub, knocked over during the earlier exchange. We don't see this, but a little later, it is upright, and Yates' gun happens to have ended up in the whole clutter of weapons used by the killer on the victims. We can assume, thus, that the killer hasn't yet turned on the lights in the Altar Room, and that he picked up the weapons tub while the room was still dark. Mind set on pursuing Yates, he turns it upright, not noticing that he was placing it besides the mess of weapons with Yates' gun in it, which the killer obviously didn't see Yates had dropped. And thank goodness he didn't, for the gun will come in handy later on... sort of.

Sgt. Yates: Dammit, I... hafta... make it...!!

Yates runs as fast as he can. He glances back, hoping to not see the killer, who is following him.

We see a shot of the top of the elevator, which is descending.

Yates approaches the end of the hallway, where he would make a left onto the service hall. He is about 15 feet from elevator, and before he even turns the corner, he can hear the elevator rumbling. Is Sharon leaving him?

Sgt. Yates: Sharon, you bitch!!

Yates has turned the corner and has already made it up the small set of steps, but the elevator is gone.

Sgt. Yates: Don't you leave me yet!!


It is unknown whether or not Yates hears Sharon, but he looks mortified that the elevator is leaving him.

Sgt. Yates: Damn you, Sharon!! Don't make me fight this fool!!!

There is a tilted shot of the elevator, still decending. From this view, it appears Yates could have jumped down onto the top of the elevator, and perhaps would have survived. But the elevator continues descending at a continuous pace. There is nothing but fear in Yates' eyes as he watches the only way out of this nightmare leave him behind at a rapid pace. Assuming he didn't hear Sharon saying she couldn't do anything to stop the elevator, he could be thinking thoughts of betrayal, shocked that Sharon would have brought him here to wind up suffering a horrible fate.

Sgt. Yates: HEY, FUCK YOU, SKANK!!!

Sharon continues pushing buttons. 12, STOP... Nothing. The elevator is ignoring all of her commands. Nothing she can do will stop the elevator, and Yates is trapped, looking into an open hole, watching Sharon and the elevator continue farther and farther down the shaft.

With the killer closing in on Yates, he decides to change plans. He has an idea that if he can make the killer fall to his death instead of Yates, he can succeed and go find the buttons and hit the "Heaven" button and see if it would go back to the 13th floor. It must work. Yates sees the killer, now donning the football helmet of death. Yates is now in his boxing stance.

Sgt. Yates: Alright, come give this sarge a taste!

The killer faces Sgt. Yates, and is ready in a bull charge stance. With his right leg, he shuffles it like a bull in a bullfight, and then... the killer charges at Sgt. Yates planting the football helmeted head against Yates' abs, writhing in pain as Yates slips into the shaft, preparing to fall. But as he begins to fall, he grabs the ledge with both of his hands.


The camera is now inside of the shaft, facing upward. We see Yates from the backside. He is lowering himself down into the shaft. Unfortunately his feet slide against the door to the 12th Floor, and he struggles to find a place to rest his feet upon. There is none, and he dangles helplessly. His only platform, the elevator, is now about 100 feet below him, and Yates' chances for survival seem very meek.

Yates is now at wits' end, though he would not get his grip good on the hardwood floor, as the killer looks at Yates as the killer takes off his football helmet, and grabs the metal facemask on his right hand.

Sgt. Yates: Oh dear Lord Jesus, NOOOOO!!!

The camera is now back inside of the shaft. We can no longer see the elevator, as it is so far down into the shaft. It appears Yates is dangling over a dark, ever ending hole. Conduits and pipes wrap the outer edge of the shaft, and appear as shadows, outlined by light coming into the shaft. We see the killer, standing in the open doorway, above Yates.

The killer raises his Cow symbolled helmet by the facemask. We see a glimpse of the helmet as it illuminates in the light.

We see a silhouette of the helmet, coming down to spike it, against the dull cyan background. This image immediately changes to a shot of the polished helmet with the metal facemask, shown in full glory, as it is being brought down. Yates yelled as the killer raises the helmet, and SPIKES the helmet, as if it were a football toward the endzone by a player, at Yates' right hand, filling it with pain and the reflex of the hand lets go. Now Yates is one hand down to his impending doom.

Sgt. Yates: AHHHHHH, MY HAND!!!!!

Yates is now terrified as the killer recovers the helmet near the threshold, picks it up by the left hand, and raises it up by the facemask, and SPIKES it to Yates' LEFT HAND, loosing his grip with pain, and there is a shot of the inside of the shaft taken by looking through the open spots between the long conduits and piping, running vertically through the shaft. Through this cutaway we see Yates falling helplessly.

Sgt. Yates: AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...!!!

Another shot from inside the shaft, this time from down low, and facing almost perfectly upward, shows Yates falling straight towards the camera.

There is temporary blackness as the camera shifts to the inside of the elevator, facing the small 2' by 1½' opening. With a thud, Yates falls onto the top of elevator. He lands just perfectly so that his face lands facedown, center of the open hole. His body shakes as final tremors overcome the Sargeant's body. It seems that Yates' bones were broken made by the impact.

Sargeant Harrison Yates became the 7th fanfictioned victim to die when Sharon came, but overall the 15th victim to die by the killer who wants to be the heir to the D&D culture. See, before Sharon came on the scene, 8 people were killed on the 13th floor. If Yates saw the elevator's wiring instead of taunting at the killer to fight him, he would've jumped over the threshold to the wiring, descending on down to the elevator, making sure he would've survived the whole ordeal. Before this happened, Yates didn't want to be in the South Park Hotel case before he finished with the Taco Bell case he wanted to work on for quite some time. Once more, Yates would've heard Sharon that the elevator was going down by the big 2 button switches it itself, and Yates wanted to tell Sharon for him to place the killer under arrest and interrogate him about the buttons. But NO, he thinks Sharon betrayed him and have Yates fight the killer and wanted to see if he can kick the killer into the shaft, but the odds were reversed.

Sharon reaches up, and then covers both of her eyes...

Sharon: YATES!!!!

Boy, is Sharon mortified. All this time she's wanted Yates to believe her, and now he finally did. She got him on her side, he finally discovered the one place Sharon has been trying to prove exists for almost the entire movie, and now he is dead. Dead! Sharon was hoping that bringing Yates instead of a bumbling but goofy officer like Barbrady, would help to put an end to this madness. But it doesn't. Instead, the hotel has now just killed off the one and only person that can help Sharon - and his dead face is directly above her head.

You see, dialogue wise, I wanted Yates to have a sense of 'betrayal' by having a South Park style dialogue by screaming profanity at Sharon for 'leaving' him instead of him saying "Wait for me!" a million times. How did you like the two button scheme? I'll post some pics of the statues my altar room has. The spell book the killer has was a Magic: The Gathering rule book, since I like card battle games like Yu-Gi-Oh, etc. That was a simple gag I put in. Look at Yates' additional dialogue when approaching the killer and the chair having nobody. Additional stuff from me. LOL

I'm on a chapter where Cartman takes Scott Tenorman to the 13th floor. Wanna know MY spin to this? Here's why:

Instead of what Letti does with the 12th button by turning it sideways and pushing it to get there, Cartman turns the 12th button 180 degrees to the right, signifying the 12 is upside down, and does something Scott doesn't know about and being nervous about: Cartman enters this message in Morse Code...

. _ _ . . _ . . _ . _ . _ _ _ _ _ . _ . . . . . . . _ . _ . . _ .

After Cartman enters this code, he returns the 12th button to it was before, and presses it. Before Scott knows it, they're on the 13th floor. Scott is right now in a state of fear, hoping Cartman would take Scott to the shopping mall on the 16th floor where he can steal the luxurious clothes and hoping to return to the Sixth Graders for the money, but Scott thought wrong.

Later on, when Linda Stotch is in the service elevator, Linda, using the same technique like Gail Myers, unscrewed the panel, puts on her working glasses, and looks at the schematics for the service elevator, and also finds a scrawl at the bottom of the plans. It's marked...

"___________ to floor number ________! You'll be sorry!"

Linda quickly memorized this since her marriage to Stephen Stotch when they stayed at this hotel on its opening day in 1997 after the Makaimura Sou was renovated, and then looked at the panel. What she saw was a mechanism on the 12th button. It's like a safe mechanism. Linda used her screwdriver to turn it 180 degrees until it made a click. Linda knows her Morse Code skills in high school, so it shouldn't be any trouble. For the first blank, she remembered the first word that came to mind...

Linda: W...E...L...C...O...M...E...

Linda puts her finger on the 12th button, and presses a sequence of presses representing each letter. She enters "WELCOME". So far, so good. For the second blank, she knew this was going to be the 13th floor she wants to uncover, so she quickly enters...

Linda: T...H...I...R...T...E...E...N!

The word "THIRTEEN", but when she turns the 12th button back to its proper space, sparks fly and Linda loses her working glasses as they fall off to the box... and then she has blurry vision, and is taken to the 13th floor.

- In the beginning, Bebe (the blonde girl who's babysitting the Marsh's dog Sparky) broke Stan's favorite Gunblade he bought at an Anime convention, and when Sharon goes to the Hotel, she'll get another one at the gift shop.

- Another shout out is Sharon chasing Scott Tenorman and the Sixth Graders from the alley to the South Park Basin, where Scott confronts Sharon about Madison's boots on his feet.

- The killer doesn't use an axe to execute the victims, he uses the martial arts of bare fisted, bone breaking, and finishes his victims off with vicious neck snaps.

- In the backstory of the fanfic by Priest Maxi to Sharon about the Woodland Critters getting Charley Richard Brown to kill 16 people at the Makaimura Sou in 1984, this is Satan from South Park he'll come to contact with.

- You know what? The Ottoman near the chair can double as a weapons cache the killer gets his weapons from, and when Sgt. Yates stumbles over it for his escape, the lid comes open spilling the weapons out and Yates' gun will be in the mess. What if Sharon picks up the wrong weapon from the mess and the readers think that she goes for Yates' gun? They'll find out for sure.

1. Sharon in the service elevator finds a red Nike shoe (Think "the Cowboy Boot") before the elevator malfunctioned. She thinks somebody wore their Nikes in the service elevator. Who would leave a red Nike shoe in there?

2. Update on the first victim: Sharon witnessed the first murder, and the victim who looks like Madison Paige from "Heavy Rain", is a key for being one of the main characters in the prequel. More details on the plot.

3. Sharon's quest to find the person with the red Nike shoe. When Sharon goes to buy a replacement GunBlade for Stan the manager, she sees a red haired teen with freckles, a black shirt, beige khakis, a black Converse All-Star hi-top, and... the RED NIKE SHOE! This teen, after Sharon is taken by the staff to get her revived by Randy, got that red Nike shoe before it got burned in the incinerator. Like the street nurse scene, Sharon went to the teens' friends who were eating at City Wok, tell Sharon that he's Scott Tenorman, a clothes huster who makes deals with the sixth graders at the basement in Skeeter's Tavern. Sharon does go to the basement at Skeeter's, and it's a regular basement with a lot of old vendors, signs, rats, leaky pipes, what you'd might see in a basement. Sharon witnessed a clothing deal with Scott and the traders. Sharon nervously asked Scott about the red Nike shoe, and Scott thinks Sharon is working for Sgt. Yates. Sharon exclaimed she isn't a narc, but Scott warns her not to snitch to Yates about the operation, or he has a pair of lead pipes, hits them with sparks flying and a loud BANG exclaiming "...clap these in your EARS!!!" Sharon quickly ran out of the basement and out of the tavern leaving Skeeter and the bartender perplexed.

4. Update on the Porter character, I've added Clyde Donovan to be the Porter. The last we'll be seeing of Clyde is when the staff tries to catch Sharon on the 9th floor, Kyle and Butters use Clyde as a battering ram to bust the connector door in room #970. As Sharon successfully gets out of #966, Wendy, Cartman and Stan chase Sharon to the stairwell. Finally, Kyle and Butters were alerted that they almost had Sharon, Kyle and Butters abandon the headache-filled Clyde in #970.

About the first death of the main plot, the two screen mode will be in motion when Sharon first heard the "Jigoku Rock" death march when April Steen is about to get killed, and Sharon asks Clyde what that music is, leaving him 'perplexed' not to know what's going on in the ground vent.

As with the prequel, the Total Val-Gals cast will wonder why the staff keeps playing music from the 80's instead of today's music (Think "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City") and how the Charley Richard Brown murders were linked in that decade, the inaugural opening of the Makaimura Sou (1985) and the modification of the frieze and the murders (1986), and how the Make-A-Wish Foundation and celebrities reopened the Sou as the South Park Hotel (1990), and how the South Park children start working there (1996), etc.

As with Rebecca and Jennifer's voyage in the 13th floor, Rebecca tries to text Nicole and Annette by her cell phone, but the battery gauge has no cells (Out of range!) and Rebecca and Jennifer are in the time of the Charley Richard Brown murders in 1986 with no possibility of escape and being the dead sheep for the killer!

With the prequel and the main plot linked together, here's the death count:

Annette Garner - victim #6: Killed with a Buster Blade embedded on top of her head.

Rebecca Harrison - victim #7: Killed with Rhodes together by the Killer's GunBlade, stabbing both at one time, unloading six penetrating bullets in their stomachs.

Jennifer Rhodes - victim #8: see Rebecca's death

April Steen - victim #9: Dragged into Room #9, and is blinded by the fire extinguisher, and got her throat slit with a Canadian Halberd (A hockey stick with a skating blade).

Nicole Garner - victim #10 (AKA the woman who looks like Madison Paige): Face slahed by the killer's Izmel Blade and dies in front of Sharon Marsh.

Mrs. Testaburger - victim #11: struck with a metal baseball bat to the head and the killer whacks her head four more times. (Same death)

Scott Tenorman - victim #12: Got kicked in the testicles two times, and got his neck broke by the Killer's ground stomp. (same death)

Lexus - victim #13: got burned by the Killer's firecracker of extreme hot temperature (modded)

Linda Stotch - victim #14: got splashed, and electrocuted by the Killer's car battery.

Sgt. Harrison Yates - victim #15: got hit by the Killer's Bull Rush (The spear to the shaft), and got his hands crushed by the Killer's football helmet, and fell down the shaft.

I've just thought of something rare. You always wondered about what the Wessex staff used for secret passages to drag their victims inside Room #9 in the 13th floor? This added story in the story will have the way in my fanfic.

Besides the Sharon incident that comes between, a crossing tale involves a crew and cast of a female reality series that want to do an episode at the South Park Hotel. The SPH staff thinks they can use the female members as bait for the killer, so Stan the Manager, lets the female cast enjoy their stay on the staff, free of charge. At the ballroom on the 16th floor where the mall is that Cartman 'promised' Scott Tenorman to 'finish' the contract, the girls have a toast to make this episode an award winning show. But the girls began to think they're in "2001 Maniacs" country when the Hotel is ruled by kids and no adults. The speakers played music from the 1980s (When the Makaimura Sou was established) The female cast began to have second thoughts about getting out.

Well, enter Emma Dashwood, a young cast member in her 20s from Australia, goes to the fire escape to admire the cold air of South Park outside her room. She looks up at the frieze, and discovers she found a trapdoor above her! Could this be a way to the 13th floor? Emma texted her castmates that she found a door on the frieze, and she's going to check it out. Emma climbed the fire escape stairs to the trapdoor, and reached the trapdoor. She opened it with ease, even if the frieze was concrete, and climbed inside. Emma reached the window, and slides the window open, to only find a room quite similar to Room #9. This is Room #8. In my fanfic, this is THE room where the staff dragged their victims to Room #9. Emma scans the room with fascination and with a little, uhh... fear. Emma thought "This room is way different than mine." as she looks at the different walls, the modern lightbulb sconces, 1980's hangings, the ground bed, Japanese lanterns, etc. As she opens the door to the hallway, "Jigoku Rock" begins to sound off from the MP3 Player. This made Emma jump with big fear! This almost clutched her heart. In the Altar Room, the killer picks up a chakram from the ottoman. Emma now begins to show fear and dread from her happy, ditzy character from the reality show.

In a Heavy Rain-like moment, a split screen scene begins, and we see Clyde Donovan, the bellhop helping Sharon unpack her bags. When "Jigoku Rock" played from the vents in Sharon's room, she began to put her ear to the vent. Sharon says "I heard something in the vent." Clyde bluffs her off, "What music?" During this, Emma sees the killer, and he produces two shuriken besides the chakram he's gripping. Emma is now scared, wishing she'd never experienced this. The killer flings the first shuriken into Emma's right eye, inducing pain and Emma screams while covering her right eye. The killer throws the second shuriken into Emma's left eye, inducing more unbearable pain to both eyes. Emma, now in a bloody blind state, can't see and screaming more, is pleading the killer to stop. But the chakram comes into play. He throws the chakram to Emma's forehead, and causing her to die. A few seconds later, Sharon stops hearing the music on split screen.

Emma Dashwood is the next victim to die, meaning that Madison Bella, is the next victim Sharon sees getting murdered by the killer's izmel blade.

Madison Bella is the leader of the reality show's cast. Madison is the only woman in the cast to know that Emma discovered the 13th floor, and the staff is hiding that secret. Stan tells Madison that Emma's 'checked out and went to their next location by herself'. The other cast members think Madison's crazy, but Madison wants to know more about the hotel. A few hours later, Madison and the cast film the clip in the kitchen while Madison saw the service elevator. After the cast finish filming, Madison chose to be behind, and go to the service elevator.

How's that for the back story?

As Sharon is on the 13th floor, she looks all around the odd Japanese stylings of the hallway until Cartman, Stan, Kyle, Butters and Wendy come out of the service room between rooms 7 and 9. Sharon sees them again, and Sharon runs into the Altar Room where Sgt. Yates had the spooks at, and walks in it. Sharon looks at the odd Japanese decor and signs of evil in this room. Sharon hears "Jigoku Rock" on the MP3 player, and then a black sleeved and gloved hand shuts it off, and turns the chair around. Sharon looks at this very person that took 15 lives to be...


Sharon is shocked and anguished by Randy's state, and asks why he did this. Backstory is when Randy and Stan had a father and son campfire in the Deep Forest, they came across the Woodland Critters who want to do a death contract for them. They ask Stan and Randy to call Make-A-Wish to renovate the Makaimura Sou into the South Park Hotel and have children work there. They then ask Randy about Charley Richard Brown's rampage in 1984, and this history intrigues Randy so he'll do anything to repeat history. They also say that Randy has to do this for Satan to achieve the Devil's Advocate position. Sharon said that killing 16 people is insane, and already hates Randy for it. As she gets out, the staff grips Sharon as Randy busts out his Buster Blade near the fireplace so he can make Sharon his 16th and final kill to make Satan and the Woodland Critters proud. Sharon is near a pile of weapons spilled out of the ottoman Yates tripped on. As the kids grip on Sharon, she grips on the sound can first (thinking it's Yates' revolver) and renders Randy and the staff deaf. Next, Sharon picks up a bag of dream dust, but threw them in Butters' eyes to render him blind and out of her grasp. Finally, Sharon grabs Yates' revolver and shoots Butters in the head, releasing his grip. With her other hand, Sharon uses a sock with a rock inside to hit the Musha Gundam suit near the bookshelf to pin Kyle on the ground, shoots Cartman in the head as well, and throwing another rock in a sock at the MK II Musha Gundam to finally pin the little manager. Wendy successfully escaped with her life. With Yates' revolver, Sharon runs out of the room and in the hallway with Randy carrying the Buster Blade following Sharon. As Sharon finally makes it to the elevator, she hits the button many times, and Randy pops out saying "You killed my son, I should kill YOU and I'll have that Advocate spot for Satan underground!" Sharon threatens Randy "Suck it... bitch!" and Sharon shoots at Randy, but we don't know if the bullet hits Randy. The elevator finally opens and Sharon quickly gets in, and quickly hits the "L" button until it gets a bell sound. Randy approaches the descending elevator hitting the door with his Buster Blade screaming profanities at Sharon for killing the staff and his son and begging her to come back to finish her off. If you must know, Sharon shoots a sconce so the light bulb sparks into a small fire indicating smoke is filled to the vapors of the fireplace. This gets the Woodland Critters ticked off back at the Deep Forest that Randy didn't finish the job. As the 13th floor exploded, it goes off in the same style as the film goes, but the people that stayed there quickly heard the explosion from under it can escape by using the service stairs only, and anybody from above it would not use the stairs or elevator to get to the lobby.

Epilogue: When the police and medics arrive, Sharon is mad and ticked that Randy did this disgusting thing, and her son helping Randy and his school friends do his dirty deed. Officer Barbrady and his deputies scan the ruined 13th floor for any bodies. As they found various victims in the rooms, Barbrady looks at the ruined Altar Room, and hears "Jigoku Rock" from the MP3 Player. Barbrady takes the player, shuts it off and places it in a baggy for evidence. Barbrady calls his deputies to scan the Altar Room for valuables that they can donate to eBay for a REAL renovation of the hotel. Barbrady also spots the dead bodies of the child staff, some charred due to the explosion. Barbrady returns to ground level and goes to Sharon. He tells her that he went to the kitchen and asks the cook for information: The cooks use the Taco Bell green sauce laced with sleeping powder on food and spiking drinks with LSD to render the snooping patrons unconscious for Randy to kill on the 13th floor, and that is why they got the Taco Bell merchandise and drugs from Damien like a drug deal. Sharon is more enraged and thinks about moving from South Park to Denver. Third, Barbrady sees the hysterical Maggie Yates looking for Sgt. Yates. Barbrady goes to the stretcher and tells Maggie he fell in the elevator shaft by Randy. Maggie is insanly crying as Barbrady pulls the cover for Maggie to look at Yates' face. All things happen at South Park. LOL

A few days later, Priest Maxi gives a 21 gun salute and official funeral for Sgt. Yates and the 14 victims that Randy killed along with the staff who pitched in on Randy's scheme. Clyde Donovan, the porter from the hotel, is seen in the crowd. Stephen Stotch looks on as he was thinking about Linda being murdered by Randy and having his son the bad doorman he was, Sharon asks Stephen if he wants to leave South Park and go to Denver with her. They agreed to be roommates. Officer Barbrady is promoted to a higher rank by the Police Dept. after the funeral for solving the Taco Bell case Yates was working on. Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, CA; we are at the Town House on Wilshire Blvd. A man wants to check in at the hotel, and Wendy Testaburger gives him a keycard. Uh-oh, does this mean Wendy will hire new workers to continue Randy's dirty job at the Town House?

Pretty inventive for an ending, huh?

My "Total Val-Gals" story will be the proceeded prequel to let the readers know how the nightmare began, and how the cast members were killed by the killer. How they figured that this hotel is run by the children of the South Park town is like Children of the Corn (The spiking of the food/to Room #9), the Nicole murder is like the two screens from the 1976 Carrie film (The prom scene) etc.

This prequel takes place a few days and during my main storyline. This prequel is about a cast of the fictional reality TV show "Total Val-Gals", a show with six young adult women who 'speak in Valley Girl language' that engage in real-life situations. In this episode the actresses are trying to make a mega-hit, the girls go to the South Park Hotel to make an episode about life in the hotel, when it is ran by children.

The six girls in the cast are:

Nicole Garner - The leader of the cast. She is the key character that almost knows the TRUTH of the South Park Hotel. Her character is that she is an intellectual mother hen of the young women, mild minded and has a cool behavior. Her character wears a black bomber jacket, blue jeans, red blouse, a Madison Paige style haircut, and... wears a pair of red Nike Air Jordans. We all know who is killed in front of Sharon now, huh?

Annette Garner - Nicole's twin sister. She's the complete opposite of Nicole: Her character is the Paris Hilton of the show: likes to shop for luxurious clothing. But when the main elevator leading to the penthouse isn't working, she asks the staff to see if there's another elevator. The staff tells her to take the service elevator. We all know what's going to happen to Annette when Nicole learns of her 'disappearance'.

Rebecca Harrison and Jennifer Rhodes - The best friends and tagalongs of the show. Rebecca is the one that discovered a latch in the frieze of the 13th floor from room #871, where she's staying. She texts Jennifer to do some hunting. They go climbing up the emergency stairs to the latch on the frieze. They managed to open it, and they found a sliding window door. They slid it open, and they are in a room like my designed room #9, and it's also the passageway where the staff took the spiked Mrs. Testaburger to room #9 via connector door. What would be coming for the best friends as they would meet their ends? Next email.

April Steen - The show's historian on buildings. One time the cast were eating at Raisins (A parody of Hooters), April has bad vibes about staying in a hotel where Charley Richard Brown killed 16 adults in 1985 when it was the Makaimura Sou. None of the girls believe April, but Nicole vaguely believes it. On a hunt for more evidence, April found some memorabilia with insignias of the "Makaimura Sou" on them. At Raisins, April was looking at the photos of the Makaimura Sou from which she took from Stan's office, she took a drink of her Coke, but she was reeling with a drug that rendered her unconscious. Young April is taken to Room #9, like the staff took Mrs. Testaburger to, and... (death)

Finally, Molly Wilson is a survivor of the prequel. Molly is a regular cast member. She is a very cautious woman minds her own business and not to get into the staff's way of business. She often ignores the other women's disappearances until it was down to her and Nicole. Nicole tells Molly to go to the police and tell them about the missing cast members while Nicole goes on a quest that'll end her life in front of Sharon Marsh.

Finally, on Nicole's fatal mission to rescue her cast members, at the service elevator, when it stops on the 12th floor, Nicole sees a hole on top of the elevator. Being athletic and all, Nicole jumped and grabbed the ledge, and when Nicole almost got to the top, Nicole dropped one of her Air Jordans, and that's how the shoe thing was created. Nicole also used a 12 gauge automatic shotgun in case if any danger was involved. Besides Sgt. Yates in my main plot, Nicole is also one of the women who entered the Altar Room. Like the lights dim in front of Sgt. Madden in the film, when the lights dim, Nicole shot her shotgun to the ceiling, and nervously trying to reload it, but the killer charged from behind the statues to fight Nicole. The killer kicked Nicole's shotgun and threw her down, takes out his Izmel Blade and cuts her left cheek, increasing great pain. As the killer drags Nicole out of the Altar Room and to the service hallway, Sharon slowly gets up in the service elevator, and opens the door, and sees a murder taking place. Nicole screams in pain, but the killer slashes Nicole's face with the Izmel Blade like Angie Dickingson with a straight razor from "Dressed to Kill", and throws Nicole in front of Sharon, blood oozing from her mouth, pleading Sharon to help her as Nicole is drifting towards death. The killer drags the pained, bloodied, and dying Nicole Garner out, Sharon fainted.