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"That's three blocks down and one block over. You can't miss it."
Wessex Hotel Doorman

As the leading online authority on the film "Nightmare on the 13th Floor", is an infotainment site dedicated to the continued promotion & publicity of the Nightmare on the 13th Floor franchise and the careers of its cast & crew through various online ventures and convention appearances.

My name is Christopher Allan Mallow, and I am the sole owner, operator and proprietor for NOTTFO. I am not affiliated with the USA Network, G.C. Group, Ltd., Wilshire Court Productions, Paramount Pictures, nor any other official venture that may have any kind of degree of ownership rights. I am simply a fan, who really loves the movie.

I feel that this movie was never really given a proper chance to shine, and so many people overlook its greatness. Official reviewers obviously are comparing it to the more high budget films with blood, gore and a ton of CGI effects. Too many people forgot that cable television networks of the day possessed very strict censorship laws, and that, being a "Movie of the Week", it was forced to utilize a very small budget. That being said, I was discussing this with my father the other day and he asks, "Wasn't James Brolin in it?" I said, "Yes, and Louise Fletcher. How come?" He said, "Well there went that budget! Brolin and Fletcher definitely don't work for free!" I had to laugh, but in all seriousness, with the budget available, the movie truly does a good job at portraying itself. It utilizes an ingenious script, an almost more ingenious score, and the actors definitely put their all into making the movie real and true to life. Blood, gore and violence were out of the picture due in part to censorship rules and regulations superimposed by the USA network, and the film does a very good job staying within the limitations and boundaries set upon them. Even the camera work in certain spots, like when Gail Myers is walking through the 13th floor after just having lost her glasses, make this movie spectacular. Luckily the fans see more in this movie than the critics, and that's one reason I felt my site was a must.

I first saw the movie on it's world premiere telecast, October 31, 1990. I had just turned 8 years old a few months before, and this movie scared the crap out of me. I literally had nightmares for two years! But through it all, I have never forgotten this movie. It has had a lot to do with certain areas in my upbringing, that contribute to who I am today. Now that I possess the means to preserve this classic, building a website to honor it was my next course of action. I really hope that no official sources get upset with my efforts. I am not trying to violate any kind of copyright acts, and there is no profit to be made off of this site, it is all strictly out of my love for the movie.

Neither Paramount nor the USA network possess an official "Nightmare on the 13th Floor" website and the movie is slowly but surely fading from the public's subconscious. I felt that my site and it's efforts to preserve this epic classic were deemed a necessity.

For more information as to why I created this site, please see the Site Help >>> FAQs Page.