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"Are you a musician?"
-Father Thomas Bergin

Jay Gruska has done an amazing job on the score for this film. The score is the perfect compliment to the imagery, and, as the film was created at a time when television censorship standards were at their highest, it was up to the music and the imagery to help create and build suspense. Mr. Gruska has definitely taken the resources available to him, and created a score worthy of an emmy and an oscar.

Jay Gruska's Introduction

The following is on "Nightmare on the 13th Floor's composer/orchestrator Jay Gruska's Website:

The poster is pretty much all you need to know about the movie itself, but the style of orchestral writing was an interesting assignment in that it was to evoke a Hitchcock, which is to say, Bernard Hermann atmosphere. I was limited to a mid size string orchestra with 2 woodwinds, but thanks to the great musicians in L.A and Armin Steiner engineering at FOX studios, the right sound was made. Itís one of the first scores I orchestrated myself.

So how did he do it?

Read nottfo's Interview with Jay Gruska for more.

Note on "Ragtime Piano"

"Ragtime Piano", the signature Joplin-styled piano theme coming from the old timey wax cylinder gramophone, is currently unavailable for download. Played on the 13th Floor every time someone is getting murdered, the song is not and will not ever be available for download, unless I can secure a grainy film used version that Jay Gruska doesn't mind NOTTFO distributing. Mr. Gruska has asked that I not distribute the song, and it is no wonder why. The song could about be used in anything, and with the chance of someone stealing it, using it, or claiming it as their own, it's no wonder he doesn't want it being distributed. The other themes from the film, however, are exclusive to the film, and anyone who plays them will know they come from this film, automatically.

Whenever possible, files will come in multiple types to allow various ways in which it may be enjoyed. If certain types are not currently available, hopefully they be available soon. The row at the top lists the various files types while the first column lists what files are available. Click on the file type, if available, in the same row as the file you wish to view, and the song will pop up in the appropriate music player.

Main Theme

[1.61 Mb]

Chopin - My Twilight Dream

[13 kb]

[2.05 Mb]


[1.75 Mb]


[1.49 Mb]

End Credits

[3.00 Mb]

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- All appropriate credits go out to Jay Gruska, composer for the film, and of all these songs.