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"That's three blocks down and one block over. You can't miss it."
Wessex Hotel Doorman

Welcome to Los Angeles, California. Almost 95% of the film occurs during Elaine's stay in Los Angeles. This means that there are more locations in Los Angeles than in any other city in the film.

First and foremost, the primary focus of Elaine's journey, The Wessex Hotel, is divided into several "subcategories", as there are many scenes filmed for the Wessex, each being a culmination of many different filming locations that come together to create the one location. The hotel is primarily divided into two single categories - "Interior" and "Exterior". The "Exterior" shots are of the hotel's outside; it's location in proximity to other filming locations, and it's primary usage are discussed. The "Interior" is divided up farther. Primarily, the category "Interior" is reserved for all standard views of the hotel not included in any of the category's subcategories. These include pictures of the foyer, the registration desk, stairwells, and all interior hallways. Other scenes in the hotel were filmed on sets either real or created, and compose the list of all other locations within the hotel.

These include scenes filmed behind the hotel, scenes filmed in various rooms of the hotel, scenes filmed in the hotel's kitchen, Garden Cafe, and service elevator, and scenes filmed within the hotel's Gift Shop. Each of these locations are discussed in more detail, by selecting them through the list of links below.

There are two scenes involving traveling within the city, versus those based around the hotel. There is Elaine's walk to the Convention Hall, and Elaine's drive with Dr. Lanier.

There are also other locations in Los Angeles that don't revolve around the hotel or travelling elsewhere - the scenes in Sargeant Madden's Office in the Los Angeles Police Department, the scenes in the City Engineer's Office, and even the scenes in the Chapel, where Elaine meets Father Bergin. Each of these locations will be discussed in detail. There is more definitive information available in each section, available by selecting from one of the links below.

Although it is not listed, and never physically seen, the very first location that Elaine would have arrived at upon arrival into Los Angeles would be LAX, the Los Angeles International Airport. She would have been arriving in from her 9 o'clock flight from Ft. Lauderdale. Upon arrival she then proceeded to take a United Independent Taxi cab where it took her to the hotel. The arrival of the taxi in front of the hotel, technically, starts the film's actual first scene in Los Angeles, and the "Exterior" of the hotel is thusly being treated as such.

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