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"That's three blocks down and one block over. You can't miss it."
Wessex Hotel Doorman

- THE WESSEX HOTEL - (Located on Main Street, perpendicular to Pearl Street) - The Wessex Hotel is actually a culmination of two entirely different hotels.

The interior shots of the Wessex come from a hotel that no longer exists. Most of them were filmed inside of the now demolished Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles. The film's production company, Wilshire Court Productions, is just 43 blocks away from this hotel (now school), and eight blocks away from the Sheraton Townhouse. The Ambassador Hotel (was) located at 3400 Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles, California. As the Ambassador was the home of the real-life tragic death of State Senator Robert (Bobby) F. Kennedy (which happened in the area used to film NOTTF's service floor), the Los Angeles school system, upon purchasing the property, leveling the hotel (with the exception of minor walls) and building the most expensive school in the history of the United States, fittingly enough, named the school the Robert F. Kennedy Community School. It is designed to resemble the Ambassador, but with a more modern touch. The hotel stood on the corners of Wilshire Boulevard and 7th Street on the West and Wilshire Boulevard and Catalina Street on the East. We later see two more street signs later in the movie: Main Street and 6th Street, both of which are near this area. It is likely, thus, that most of the movie was filmed throughout this area.