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"That's three blocks down and one block over. You can't miss it."
Wessex Hotel Doorman

- WALK TO CONVENTION HALL - (Street perpendicular to Main Street) The true location of where Elaine was walking is unknown. Behind Elaine, we can definitely see a sign reading "Main St" and a One Way sign, pointing to the left.

While the hotel used to film the Wessex hotel doesn't reside on Main Street, this bit of background detail implies that it is supposed to. The Wessex hotel is located on Main Street, and is supposed to be One Way. At least through this part of town, anyway, as earlier in the movie, when Elaine was being dropped off by the taxi cab, we clearly see a car driving in the opposite direction. Later in the movie, when Elaine runs outside to count the floors, two cars going in that directions must stop for her as not to hit her. This implies that while this area of town is on a One Way street, the hotel isn't necessarily.

There is a Convention Center, versus a Convention Hall, in LA. But it's located at 1201 South Figueroa Street, and not on Pearl Street. Pearl Street does exist, although it's not around this area, and is 90% residental houses. There is no way a Convention Hall could have been located on Pearl Street.

There is a sign reading "Dr. White Dentist" protruding from the side of a building next to another whose verticle sign reads "POPO". There is a Dr. White Dentist in Los Angeles, although it has closed several years back. The area looks nothing like the one in the film, however, and the Dr. White in L.A. is located on 7th Street, and not close to Main Street as the background details imply. At the end of the film, however, it does state that any firms (i.e., Dr. White) that resemble actual firms in the area are purely coincidental, so it's likely the signs were faked for effect. Elaine probably won't need their services, however, as her teeth seem to be in really good condition, still. A sign above "POPO"s appears to resemble a head with hair that is vaguely reminiscent of something found at a hair cutting salon.

Keys to Finding This Location:
The location of neither alleyways is currently unknown, but they were more than likely filmed close to the other filming locations. Keys to finding this location include the building styles seen in the background during Elaine's walk.