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"That's three blocks down and one block over. You can't miss it."
Wessex Hotel Doorman

The site wouldn't be very definitive if it didn't tell where each of the different locations used within the movie were filmed in real life. Unfortunately, the movie only gives scant clues as to where each of these locations really are.

All of the locations, even the ones supposedly in Florida, and Washington, were filmed in Los Angeles. There is evidence of this throughout. Remember that the movie was on a tight budget and flights out of state were out of the question. Several locations already exist around L.A. that resembled locations that could easily be perceived as being from within another state, and the movie does in a good job in trying to differentiate between cities.

The quest to find each and every location isn't easy. And when you factor in that the movie is a little over 20 years old, a lot of the landscaping has changed. Certain locations, like the Wessex Hotel, where a physical structure was used, is more than likely going to remain the same, while certain areas, like the graffitied underpass where Peddler resides, could have been renovated and upgraded. Just finding exactly where these locations are, is rough. It's also extremely possible, keeping up with "progress", that certain buildings might have been torn down due to dilapidation or the fact that they was just "in the way of progress"...

It is also possible that a lot of these locations were filmed in a studio. The 13th floor is one example.

There are three different cities used within the movie. Start by selecting one of the cities from the list below. Each city will lead to a breakdown of each location used within that city. While the breakdown is similar to the breakdown used on the locations page, the difference is that information found on the locations page deals only with the location as it relates to, and pertains to, the movie. This section deals with the actual location that was used in the filming process, to create the locations that helped to make the movie spectacular. This section goes into a lot more detail on each set location, and therefore, more pictures are provided. Maps and renderings are going to be added as well. Hopefully this guide will act as a reference, usable the next time you visit Los Angeles hoping to visit locations used in the film.