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Welcome to Nightmare on the 13th Floor Online, your definitive and comprehensive online resource guide to the world created for the movie, "Nightmare on the 13th Floor," and home of the infamous Wessex Hotel.

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"Nightmare on the 13th Floor - Main Theme"
- Jay Gruska

A  USA Network World Premiere Movie

   Premiere: [1990.10.31]
   Medium: vhs
   vhs Release: [1991.10.17]
   # of Cassette Tapes Included: 1
   Format: ntsc, ntsc
   Run Time: 85 minutes
   Rated: Rated PG-13
   International Releases: Click Here for More


G.C. Group, Ltd.
Wilshire Court Productions

Paramount Pictures




Barcode-12 Barcode-13

Spoiler Alert!!!

The Wessex Hotel:
   History of the Hotel: Everything known about the history of the hotel, going
      back to 1898.

   Meet the Staff: A list of different professions found within the Wessex, and
      a guide to the men and women who fill these roles.

   Areas in the Hotel: A listing of the different floors and areas found within the

   The Wessex Gift Shop: Information about the gift shop that is part of the
      hotel, and everything known about it.

   Blueprints & Renderings: There was a mock set of plans made up for the
      hotel that Elaine and Gail Myers were looking at. Once I obtain a copy,
      a set will be posted. Currently includes maps based off of information
      obtained throughout the film.

   Walkthrough / Analysis: A complete and comprehensive pictorial
      walkthrough to the movie, from start to finish. Throughout the
      guide you will find callouts that will give you more detailed information
      pertaining to the topic described in the callout.

          Note: General note to call attention to an event not classified under any
            of the following other callouts.

          Opening Credits Sequence: A look at how the opening credits sequence
            of this film helps to set up this film.

          From the Cinema: References made to other films, within this film.
          Out of the Box: References made to television series, within this film.
          Cut!: Scenes that were shot and are missing from the final film.
          Alternate Scenes: Scenes that were shot but differ from ones shown
            within the final film, and scenes that filmed more than once. These
            include scenes shot for promotional propaganda as well as scenes
            appearing in alternate language versions of the film.

          Drafted: Scenes that were scripted but never shot.
          Anachronistically Speaking: Items not in their own time period.
          Version Differences: Differences between various editions of the VHS,
            published in other countries, and different than the US version.

          Cultural Differences: Changes overseas due to cultural conflict.
          Errors in Continuity: Mistakes and other items that slightly disrupt the
            movies natural course.

          Quote: Great, important and recurring quotes that somehow affect the

          Novel Approach: Notes on differences between the novel (if I can find
            that one exists!) and the film.

          Musical Note: Notes on Jay Gruska's ominous and thrilling
            soundtrack - songs, score and incidental music.

          On Closer Inspection: Background details discovered by watching the
            film or by reading interviews.

          The Daily Tribune: All of the headlines and top stories from LA's local
            newspaper in 1900.

          Foreshadowing the Future: Small hints toward future events.
          Changing Future History: Significant events that occur in which the
            future is automatically compromised, and to which the effects can
            never be reversed or restored.

          Location, Location, Location: Hints and tips toward finding filming
            locations in real-life.

          Multiplicity: Notes on character locations during the epic chase
            sequence, as well as during 13th floor encounters.

          Spotlight On...: A look at the origin and meaning of each character's
            name and how it directly relates to the psychology of the character or
            how it reflects the character's personality or occupation.

          End Credits: The credit sequence in its entirity as well as notes on
            changes between the original 1990 release, its home movie
            counterpart and subsequent showings.

   Ft. Lauderdale, Florida: All of the locations within the movie based in
      Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

   Los Angeles, California: All of the locations within the movie based in
      Los Angeles, California.

   Seattle, Washington: All of the locations within the movie based in
      Seattle, Washington.

   Real-Life Filming Locations: A guide to finding all of the real-life locations
      used at one point or another during the filming process.

   Cast: Everything you could ever possibly want to know about each and
      every character in the movie, in credits order.

   Crew: A complete list of all of the crew members that went above and
      beyond to create one of the greatest movies of all time, in credits order,
      alphabetical order, and occupational order.

   Filmographies: A definitive listing of all projects, past and present,
      that each and every character has been involved in, in alphabetical

   Hotel Body Count: A complete listing of each of the murders committed
      within the hotel: when, and how they relate to the overall count.

   The Avery Block Murders: Everything known about Avery Block and the
      heinous murders he committed in 1900.

   Alternate Scenes: A list of scenes that were shot but are missing from the
      final film, and scenes that filmed more than once. These include scenes
      shot for promotional propaganda as well as scenes appearing in alternate
      language versions of the film.

   Props: A listing of Props, or Property Items, used in the movie.
      Includes character nametags and wardrobe listing.

   Behind the Scenes: A look at the movie from a perspective not found
      on-screen. What went in to making the movie and creating the special
      effects that make this movie a classic.

   International Releases: Information about various releases of the movie
      overseas. Includes cultural differences and scene changes made to
      accommodate a culturally-different audience.

   Airings & Showtimes: A complete listing of each and every time that the
      movie has appeared on television, and when it will air again.

   Acquiring: A list of different ways to acquire the film. Links to popular online
      sources where the movie may be purchased, rented or watched.

   Music: Soundtrack for the movie and audio clips.
   Images: Photos of memorable moments throughout the film.
   Wallpaper: Desktop Wallpaper for your PC! Comes in a variety of sizes.
   Video: Video clips from within the movie.
   Script: Scripts and Transcripts in a variety of formats.

   Message Board: Have a question or comment about the movie? Post a
      message on our message board.

   Chatroom: Chat with other Nightmare on the 13th Floor fans in our
      NOTTFO Chatroom.

   Guestbook: Sign our Guestbook and let the staff of the Wessex know you
      were here. Don't worry. They won't send you to the 13th floor...

   Shop: Themed-merchandise available for purchase.
   Fanstuff: Items created by fans using the movie as a basis.

   Blog: Site blog to elaborate on things relating to the movie.
          #001 - Superstitions and the 13th Floor: An indepth analysis of society's
            fear of the number 13 and how it affects hotels, elevators and
            skyscapers everywhere.

          #002 - No matter what you call it, it's still 13: A look at buildings with
            more than 12 floors and the misconception with the 14th floor.

          #003 - 13th Floor Conspiracies: A look at how buildings with 13 floors -
            or, more specifically, their lack of one - have inspired some to believe
            the missing floors really do exist, hidden to the public, and housing
            some of the most scientific, other-worldly, dangerous, or questionable
            practices known to man.

          #004 - A Personal Look Back at the Last 23 Years: A look at how
            my life has changed because of seeing this movie.
   News: Real-life articles appearing in magazines, newspapers or official
      internet portals. Includes obituaries for all cast and crew members lost.

   Interviews: Questions and Answers with cast and crew members.
   Press: Press releases, promotional propaganda, commercials, trailers
      and bumpers.

   Reviews: Reactions to the film from both official and non-official sources.

Site Help:
   About NOTTFO: Includes a history of this site's creation and explains why I
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   Site FAQ: Frequently asked questions about "Nightmare on the 13th Floor"
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