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Promtional Propaganda include any and all items used in an effort to promote the film. These include fliers, pamplets, posters, t-shirts, promotional photographs, and any other items that were officially created to promote the film, both before and after its release.

NOTE: This list only contains items created officially, by Wilshire Court Production, The USA Network, Paramount Home Video, CIC Video, and any and all of their subsidary companies. FAN-based items can be found on the Support >>> Fanstuff page.

Terri Treas (Judith Teller)
While the magnificent Terri Treas graced our presence as the lovely Judith Teller, concierge-extraordinaire, she was never given a proper Press Release like so many other of the cast members. In fact, she hardly received any recognition at all.

Maybe this is the reason that, about this movie, Terri Treas "has no comment".

She should have received a lot more recognition for the eloquence she gave to the Wessex. Graceful and refined, our sweet and sadistic concierge only received one solitary hint of recognition, and that comes in the form of the picture at left. The picture is shown only on the spine of the Korean version of the film, and nowhere else. The Korean version is also the only version to feature a picture on its spine that is of a picture different than that used on its front cover boxart.

No matter, Terri Treas got some recognition. Even if it is only in the form of an extremely rare and obscure picture, on the side of a version of the film that is even more rare and obscure. But we'll never forget her.

John Karlen (Detective Sargeant Bernard Madden)
The picture at right is a promotional photo of the Sargeant, taken for press release purposes. The room is very well illuminated, much more so than how it appears in the film. The left hand side of the fireplace is seen to the Sargeant's right. The scimitar to the Sargeant's left, to the right of the bookcase, can be seen with much more detail, as can the spines of the books residing in the bookcase. The Sargeant is going for a "sexy" look, posing with his handgun, deeply intent on spinning the chair around and shooting the killer. The Sargeant in the film, however, looks a little more reserved, undoubtably nervous, and anxiously hoping for the best. He is also looking straight, and not to his left.

The picture at right is another promotional photo of the Sargeant, taken for press release purposes. The room is very well illuminated, much more so than how it appears in the film. This photo was taken in the same vacinity as the promotional photo alluded to above. We can now better see a small crocodile statue in front of the bookcase. Its mouth is open, and its sharp, vicious teeth are showing. This is yet another decorum item used to help add to the overall demonicness of the Wessex Hotel's Altar Room. The Sargeant, looking more to his right than he does during the film, looks as if he is giving his best scared but still ready to kill the killer look. This picture was also used on the back cover boxart on the film's German release.