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Station ID Bumpers pop up when the movie goes on, and comes off of, a commercial break. They display the name of the movie, the channel/station/network's logo, and last no longer than three (3) seconds apiece. All of the ones used for this movie will hopefully be added soon.

While the picture below is extremely faint, this is the bumper that appears just after the shot of the staff in the elevator, having dropped the hotel's waitress, Juli, off onto the floor, and before the microfiche images seen scrolling just before seeing Elaine. It features a picture of the axe head, with an image of Doctor Lanier being reflected off of its surface. To the right of this image is a picture of the doorknob (the one to the 13th Floor's Room #9, just before being touched by the Sargeant) and below is a new logo for the film, which uses an entirely different font to spell its name. "NIGHTMARE" is now capitalized, sitting, centered, above "on the 13th floor" written in lowercase letters below. But the biggest addition is that the "T" is the center of "NIGHTMARE" is turned into a dagger. The top of the "T" constitutes its hilt while it's point is centered directly above the "3" in "13th".