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For those of you who have never been to The Daily Grindhouse, it is a site that provides insanely detailed reviews on films of all kinds. "Tough Films for the Rough Crowd" is their slogan, and the reviews are definitely top notch. Their fanbase is also quite impressive.

NOTTFO was approached awhile back about doing an interview for the site on NOTTF. I was thrilled! And sure enough, as part of their quest to cover each and every "USA World Premiere Movie" Movie of the Week, NOTTF received it's day. And that's today.

The article, a very detailed, very well written look at the film, and my interview, can be found below.

Paul Freitag-Fey

Original Article:

Article on NOTTFO:
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Starring "Ghostman" and "Demon Hunter", each week, the G&D Show brings home the crazy with celebrity interviews, weird news, insights by authors and specialists, new investigations, the truth behind local legends and seemingly impossible tales.

Nathan and Shaun get into myths and legends with Kerry Noonan. You may remember her from Friday the 13th but what you may not know is she is a professor of mythology.

While the interview never mentions this film, it is mentioned in her opening list of credentials, and there is a copy of the VHS boxart on the promo spot.

Show Hosts:
"Ghostman" and "Demon Hunter"

Radio Show Interview Link:

Article on NOTTFO:
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Our "Nightmare on the 13th Floor" family is no longer complete. In the years following the movies release, actors and actressess have been dying left and right. To this day, seven different cast and crew members have suffered an ill-gotten fate. Their memories will forever live on through their movies, especially this one, and they will live on in our hearts and souls forever.

Rest in Peace, Dwayne Avery (August 25, 1936 - June 26, 2013)

Rest in Peace, Alan Fudge (February 27, 1944 - October 10, 2011)

Rest in Peace, Ken Kerman (June 3, 1936 - September 9, 2009)

Rest in Peace, Sidney Katz (February 20, 1918 - June 18, 2009)

Rest in Peace, Phyllis Flax (July 19, 1921 - May 26, 2007)

Rest in Peace, Norma MacMillan (September 15, 1921 - March 16, 2001)

Rest in Peace, Harvey Vernon (June 30, 1927 - October 9, 1996)