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"Get the others."
-Jake Rogas
Wessex Hotel Manager

Information relating to, pertaining to, and regarding Nightmare on the 13th Floor not included in the walkthrough. News articles, interviews, press releases, reviews and blog entries are included.

   Blog: Site blog to elaborate on things relating to the movie.
          #001 - Superstitions and the 13th Floor: An indepth analysis of society's
            fear of the number 13 and how it affects hotels, elevators and
            skyscapers everywhere.

          #002 - No matter what you call it, it's still 13: A look at buildings with
            more than 12 floors and the misconception with the 14th floor.

          #003 - 13th Floor Conspiracies: A look at how buildings with 13 floors -
            or, more specifically, their lack of one - have inspired some to believe
            the missing floors really do exist, hidden to the public, and housing
            some of the most scientific, other-worldly, dangerous, or questionable
            practices known to man.

          #004 - A Personal Look Back at the Last 23 Years: A look at how
            my life has changed because of seeing this movie.
   News: Real-life articles appearing in magazines, newspapers or official
      internet portals. Includes obituaries for all cast and crew members lost.

   Interviews: Questions and Answers with cast and crew members.
   Press: Press releases, promotional propaganda, commercials, trailers
      and bumpers.

   Reviews: Reactions to the film from both official and non-official sources.

- Blog entries will be completed soon.
- The news archives section has yet to be updated.
- Books in the Press section will be added soon.