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Okay, for starters, I'm 3 years late! But that doesn't make my memories of the last little over 2 decades of my life any less memorable or uninteresting, when it comes to the film. The film has definitely played a very important role in my life and I will never forget those first 23 years. The last three have only gotten better.

In 1990, the USA Network released, as part of their now defunct "World Premiere Movie Feature", one of the greatest films ever. While several people may disagree with this, I'm sure the skeptics are not reading this article, and I really do love this movie. Several sections of this site, as well as in my interview with The Daily Grindhouse stress why I made this site in the first place, and how and why the film didn't get the credit it deserves. Yes, I'm sure you read on the site about the nightmares I had back then, and how I kept the movie near and dear to my heart. I knew I had to create a website for it. And 23 years after the films' release that dream came to life.

One of my fondest memories from three years ago was creating the site. I actually spent about a year prior to the site's release building the site. I saved it on the computer until I got a decent memory card. And it's a good thing I did. My hard drive crashed and I was forced to use an alternate computer. Luckily I have everything saved, including the fonts. This has actually been an asset because the site once accidentally got deleted from the server, and I had to reupload the entire thing from scratch. (I love FTP - you would too if you had to upload 4,205 files that take up 2.61 Gb of space - and those numbers are steadily growing!)

But anyway back to the site. For about a year I worked on the site, typing up information, listening to the film, pausing, rewinding, and playing over and over, typing up the most accurate transcript I could. The first thing I did was make a list of all of the sections I wanted included in the site. Then, throughout the entire process I made "Completion Counters" - lists I wrote up containing breakups of each section and what I deemed it's approximate completion in percents from 1-100. The filmographies section, for example, still rests at about 15%. I'll get it finished although right now it's not exactly on my list of site priorities. One of the items in the counter was the "Walkthrough" and I was so happy to finally complete it. I've built a LOT of websites throughout the years but I've never completed (unfortunately) any of them. I still have big dreams for a lot of them, but many of them were lost over the years during bad computer crashes. NOTTFO, however, is the first site I can actually claim to be "complete". Getting through the walkthrough - which when printed averages about one printed page for every 10 sections of movie - was one of my crowning achievements. It's the first time I ever completed an online project of that magnitude.

I took thousands of images, sizing and adding a border to each and every one of them, by hand, in Paintbrush. The image editing software I had had quit working (one of the CDs broke) and I had to do everything on the site (still do) in Paintbrush. I don't mind. I vowed to get another coy of the program and last year I did. Unfortuntely I was forced to get another computer (due to the crash) and it turns out that while the program worked fine on XP it no longer works in Windows 10. I can open and edit images when running in compatibility mode, but I can no longer save anything or edit templates I once created. Because of this, when I do use it, I have to take a screen capture and copy and paste it to Paintbrush. Because of this I only use it for certain things. One of these days I'll think about getting a different program (maybe something akin to Photoshop) but I don't know yet.

I have lots of big dreams for the site, but I am going to save those thoughts for my next blog entry. For now, though, just know that I love the movie and that's one reason I care about the site so much. I feel like it's been a good 26 years. Things may not have always been the greatest, but alas, they are looking up. And they've never been as bad as they could have been, so I'm fortunate. Every now and again I will catch myself (sometimes consciously) using mannerisms of the cast, or using quotes in context (I often use "That would seem to make sense," in my best Jake Rogas voice). The movie has played a big role in my life over those first 23 years and I think about it regularly. It's one of those simple movies I find so much joy in. There's a lot more to the movie that some people will never see, and that's one reason I've tried to make the site as definitive and comprehensive as possible. I don't plan on it going anywhere, and will do my best to always keep it online. I want the film to live on in the hearts and minds of fans forever, and hope that the site will help to carry the film through the next 26 years, as it has the last 3. Until then, keep watching, keep reading, and be sure to "Like" us on Facebook! See you next time!