Sound Department (388 titles) 2014 Hullo (sound editor - sound designer) 2013 Nothing But the Bests! (sound editor - sound designer) 2013 Super Athlete (re-recording engineer, supervising sound editor) 2012 Beyond the Trophy (supervising sound editor) 2012 Abel's Field (supervising sound editor) 2012 Beach Bar: The Movie (foley artist, supervising sound editor) 2011 The Return of Joe Rich (supervising sound editor) 2011 The Dynamiter (supervising sound editor) 2011 Dreaming Heaven (documentary) (supervising sound editor) 2011 Without Borders (sound supervisor) 2011 In the Void (supervising sound editor) 2011 Noor (short) (supervising sound editor) 2011 Freaks in Love (documentary) (sound supervisor) 2011 Cosmic Origins 3D (documentary) (supervising sound editor) 2011 A Picture Worth a Thousand Words (short) (supervising sound editor) 2010 Xtinction: Predator X (supervising sound editor) 2010 I Am Comic (documentary) (sound supervisor) 2010 The Perfect House (supervising sound editor) 2010 The Killing Jar (sound supervisor) 2010 Killer by Nature (sound supervisor) 2009 Trunk (video) (supervising sound editor) 2009 The Lightkeepers (sound supervisor) 2009 Dark Moon Rising (supervising sound editor: Digital Dreams Sound Studios - as Clancy Troutman) 2009 The Anchorage (sound supervisor) 2009 Falling Awake (supervising sound editor) 2009 Eyeborgs (sound supervisor) 2009 Saving Grace B. Jones (sound supervisor) 2009 Dark and Stormy Night (sound supervisor) 2008 Pregnant in America (documentary) (supervising sound editor) 2008 Conjurer (supervising sound editor) 2008 Sex Galaxy (sound supervisor) 2008 Cat City (supervising sound editor) 2008 Dead Man's Hour (short) (supervising sound editor - as Clancy Troutman) 2008 Counting the Days (short) (supervising sound editor) 2008 Crazy (supervising sound editor) 2008 The Onion Movie (supervising sound editor) 2008 For the Love of a Dog (supervising sound editor) 2007 Sex and Breakfast (ADR supervisor - as Clancy Troutman, supervising sound editor - as Clancy Troutman) 2007 You're So Dead (supervising sound editor) 2007 Sarah Landon and the Paranormal Hour (supervising sound editor) 2007 The Little Traitor (supervising sound editor) 2007 In the Name of the Son (short) (supervising sound editor) 2007 The Violin (short) (supervising sound editor) 2007 Fall Down Dead (supervising sound editor) 2007 Who's Your Monkey? (supervising sound editor) 2007 Life Goes On (supervising sound editor) 2007 Shadowbox (short) (supervising sound editor) 2007 Natural Born Komics (video) (supervising sound editor) 2006 The Pumpkin Karver (sound re-recording mixer, supervising sound editor) 2006 Big Bad Wolf (ADR supervisor - as Clancy Troutman) 2006 Father, You Sinned (short) (supervising sound editor) 2006 Shanghai Red (supervising sound editor) 2006 Hatchet (supervising sound editor) 2006Lucid (short) (supervising sound editor) 2006 Seven Mummies (post-production sound supervisor - as Clancy Troutman, sound re-recording mixer - as Clancy Troutman) 2006 What the Bleep!?: Down the Rabbit Hole (documentary) (supervising sound editor) 2006 Domestic Import (supervising sound editor) 2006 Gettin' It (post-production sound supervisor) 2006 Detroit (supervising sound editor) 2005 Cruel World (supervising sound editor) 2005 I Mortuary (supervising sound editor) 2005 Counting the Days (supervising sound editor) 2005 Wheelmen (supervising sound editor) 2004 The Package (short) (supervising sound editor) 2004 Thank Heaven (supervising sound editor) 2004 Jonah (short) (supervising sound editor) 2004 Last Flight Out (supervising sound editor) 2004 What the #$*! Do We (K)now!? (documentary) (supervising sound editor - as Clancy Troutman) 2004 Toolbox Murders (supervising sound editor) 2004 Who's Your Daddy? (video) (supervising sound editor) 2003 Thanksgiving Family Reunion (TV movie) (supervising sound editor) 2003 Independent Lens (TV series documentary) (supervising sound editor - 1 episode) 2003 The Big Empty (supervising sound editor) 2003 The Pentagon Papers (TV movie) (supervising sound editor) 2003 Pauly Shore Is Dead (supervising sound editor) 2002 Blood Shot (short) (supervising sound editor) 2002 American Girl (supervising sound editor) 2002 New Suit (supervising sound editor) 2002 Johnny Flynton (short) (sound supervisor - as Clancy Troutman) 2002 The Yard Sale (short) (supervising sound editor) 2002 Man of the Year (sound) 2002 The Mesmerist (supervising sound editor) 2001 The Midnight Hour (supervising sound editor - as Clancy Troutman) 2001 Three Blind Mice (TV movie) (supervising sound editor - uncredited) 2001 The Education of Max Bickford (TV series) (supervising sound editor) 2001 Zigs (supervising sound editor) 2001 The Attic Expeditions (supervising sound editor) 2001 The Doe Boy (supervising sound editor) 2001 Divorce: The Musical (supervising sound editor) 2001 Sunstorm (supervising sound editor) 2001 The Gift (supervising sound editor) 2001 Chasing Sunsets (supervising sound editor) 2001 Free (supervising sound editor) 2000 American Tragedy (TV movie) (supervising sound editor) 2000 Five Wishes (short) (sound designer) 2000 Lovers Lane (sound designer) 2000 Terror Tract (sound supervisor) 2000 The Package (short) (supervising sound editor) 2000 The Gold Cup (sound editor) 2000 Full Blast (supervising sound editor) 2000 Perfect Murder, Perfect Town: JonBenét and the City of Boulder (TV movie) (supervising sound editor) 2000 King of the World (TV movie) (supervising sound editor) 2000 Amy Stiller's Breast (short) (supervising sound editor) 1999 Sam Churchill: Search for a Homeless Man (TV movie) (supervising sound editor) 1999 Cold Feet (supervising sound editor) 1999 Powerplay (TV movie) (supervising sound effects editor - as Clancy Troutman) 1999 The Outlaw (TV short) (supervising sound editor) 1999 Sloan: Second Hand Views/A Collection of Music & TV Commercials (video documentary) (supervising sound editor) 1999 Tokunboh (supervising sound editor) 1998 Dante's View (sound designer) 1998 Prague Duet (supervising sound editor) 1998 A Letter from Death Row (supervising sound editor) 1998 Safety Patrol (TV movie) (supervising sound editor) 1998 The Yakuza Way (supervising sound editor) 1998 A Fish Story (short) (supervising sound editor) 1998 A Fare to Remember (supervising sound editor) 1998 Jenny (TV movie) (supervising sound editor) 1998 A Place Called Truth (sound designer) 1998 Ghost of a Chance (TV movie) (sound editor) 1998 The Adventures of Ragtime (supervising sound editor - as Clancy Troutman) 1998 Four Corners (TV series) (supervising sound editor) 1997 The Blackout (supervising sound editor) 1997 Address Unknown (sound designer - as Clancy Troutman) 1997 Born Into Exile (TV movie) (supervising sound editor) 1997 Killers (sound editor) 1997 Prefontaine (supervising sound editor - as Clancy Troutman) 1997 Hollister (TV movie) (sound editor) 1997 Silent Whisper (TV movie) (supervising sound editor) 1997 River Made to Drown In (sound designer) 1997 American Hero (supervising sound editor) 1996 The Paper Brigade (video) (sound designer) 1996 Two (TV series) (supervising sound editor) 1996 Don't Look Back (TV movie) (sound editor) 1996 Geisha (supervising sound editor) 1996 Seduced by Madness: The Diane Borchardt Story (TV mini-series) (supervising sound editor) 1996 Amerika (TV movie) (supervising sound editor) 1996 The Lazarus Man (TV series) (supervising sound editor) 1996 The North Star (supervising sound editor) 1996 Coyote Summer (sound editor - as Clancy Troutman) 1996 The Undercover Kid (sound editor - as Clancy Troutman) 1995 Deadly Family Secrets (TV movie) (sound assistant) 1995 A Child Is Missing (TV movie) (supervising sound editor - uncredited) 1995 Just Like Dad (TV movie) (sound editor) 1995 Nowhere Man (TV series) (supervising sound editor) 1995 No Man's Land (TV movie) (supervising sound editor) 1995 Convict Cowboy (TV movie) (supervising sound editor) 1995 For Better or Worse (sound designer) 1995 The Return of Hunter (TV movie) (supervising sound editor) 1995 The Adventures of Mary-Kate & Ashley: The Case of the Christmas Caper (video short) (supervising sound editor) 1995 Kowalski (supervising sound editor) 1995 In the Flesh (sound effects editor - as Clancy Troutman) 1995 Windrunner (sound designer - as Clancy Troutman) 1995 Breaking Free (supervising sound editor) 1995 The Addiction (supervising sound editor - uncredited) 1994 XXX's & OOO's (TV movie) (sound editor) 1994 Police Academy: Mission to Moscow (supervising sound editor - as Clancy Troutman) 1994 Hard Times (TV series) (supervising sound editor) 1994 Separated by Murder (TV movie) (sound editor - uncredited) 1994 Beyond Obsession (TV movie) (supervising sound editor - uncredited) 1994 Royce (TV movie) (sound editor) 1994 Ultimate Betrayal (TV movie) (sound editor - uncredited) 1994 Car 54, Where Are You? (supervising sound editor) 1994 In the Best of Families: Marriage, Pride & Madness (TV movie) (sound designer) 1993 No Child of Mine (TV movie) (supervising sound editor) 1993 Double, Double, Toil and Trouble (TV movie) (supervising sound editor - uncredited) 1993 The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. (TV series) (supervising sound editor) 1993 Johnny Bago (TV series) (supervising sound editor) 1993 Killer Rules (TV movie) (supervising sound editor) 1993 Our House (TV series documentary) (supervising sound editor) 1993 Midnight Caller (TV movie) (supervising sound editor) 1992 Condition: Critical (TV movie) (supervising sound editor) 1992 Sidekicks (foley supervisor) 1992 A Killer Among Friends (TV movie) (supervising sound editor) 1992 Double Jeopardy (TV movie) (sound editor) 1992 Lady Boss (TV movie) (supervising sound editor) 1992 Wishman (supervising sound editor - as Clancy Troutman) 1992 Bad Lieutenant (sound editor) 1992 Human Target (TV series) (supervising sound editor) 1992 The Comrades of Summer (TV movie) (sound editor) 1992 Red Shoe Diaries (TV series) (supervising sound editor) 1992 Cruel Doubt (TV movie) (supervising sound editor) 1992 The Keys (TV movie) (supervising sound editor) 1992 Treacherous Crossing (TV movie) (sound supervisor - as Clancy Troutman) 1992 Steel Justice (TV movie) (sound designer) 1992 Duplicates (TV movie) (sound supervisor - as Clancy Troutman) 1992 Body Parts (supervising sound editor - uncredited) 1992 Angel Street (TV movie) (sound designer - uncredited) 1991 Wife, Mother, Murderer (TV movie) (supervising sound editor) 1991 The Return of Eliot Ness (TV movie) (sound assistant) 1991 Daddy (TV movie) (supervising sound editor - uncredited) 1991 Brotherhood of the Gun (TV movie) (sound editor - as Clancy Troutman) 1991 Guilty Until Proven Innocent (TV movie) (sound editor) 1991 Lightning Field (TV movie) (supervising sound editor) 1991 Body Parts (sound editor) 1991 Chains of Gold (supervising sound editor) 1991 The Hit Man (TV movie) (sound editor) 1991 Life Stinks (sound editor - uncredited) 1991 Born to Ride (supervising sound editor) 1991 Child of Darkness, Child of Light (TV movie) (supervising sound editor) 1991 Never Forget (TV movie) (sound editor - uncredited) 1991 Changes (TV movie) (supervising sound editor - uncredited) 1991 Baby Talk (TV series) (sound designer) 1991 The 10 Million Dollar Getaway (TV movie) (supervising sound editor) 1991 And the Sea Will Tell (TV movie) (sound designer - uncredited) 1991 Sins of the Mother (TV movie) (sound editor) 1991 Deadly Intentions... Again? (TV movie) (supervising sound editor) 1991 Fatal Exposure (TV movie) (supervising sound editor) 1991 Deadly Desire (TV movie) (supervising sound editor) 1991 Talkin' Dirty After Dark (supervising sound editor) 1991 Empire City (TV movie) (supervising sound editor) 1990 Vestige of Honor (TV movie) (supervising sound editor) 1990 The Lookalike (TV movie) (supervising sound editor - uncredited) 1990 It (TV mini-series) (sound designer) 1990 Nightmare on the 13th Floor (TV movie) (supervising sound editor) 1990 Fine Things (TV movie) (sound designer - uncredited) 1990 Lucky Chances (TV mini-series) (supervising sound editor) 1990 Texasville (supervising sound editor - uncredited) 1990 Hitler's Daughter (TV movie) (supervising sound editor) 1990 Fatal Charm (video) (supervising sound editor) 1990 Repossessed (supervising sound editor) 1990 The Shrimp on the Barbie (supervising sound editor) 1990 Flying Blind (TV movie) (supervising sound editor) 1990 Snow Kill (TV movie) (supervising sound editor) 1990 Wheels of Terror (TV movie) (supervising sound editor - uncredited) 1990 Last Flight Out (TV movie) (sound assistant) 1990 Shannon's Deal (TV series) (sound editor) 1990 The Kissing Place (TV movie) (supervising sound editor) 1990 Catchfire (sound designer - uncredited) 1990 Personals (TV movie) (supervising sound editor - uncredited) 1990 Blind Faith (TV movie) (supervising sound editor) 1990 Face to Face (TV movie) (supervising sound editor) 1990 Why Me? (sound designer - as Clancy Troutman) 1990 The Recruit (supervising sound editor) 1989 Honeymoon Academy (video) (ADR editor - as Clancy Troutman) 1989 Spy (TV movie) (supervising sound editor) 1989 The Shell Seekers (TV movie) (supervising sound editor - uncredited) 1989 Final Notice (TV movie) (supervising sound editor) 1989 Sorry, Wrong Number (TV movie) (supervising sound editor) 1989 Prime Target (TV movie) (supervising sound editor) 1989 A Peaceable Kingdom (TV series) (sound assistant - 1 episode) 1989 A Brand New Life (TV series) (sound editor) (supervising sound editor) 1989 Fire and Rain (TV movie) (supervising sound editor) 1989 Life Goes On (TV series) (supervising sound editor) 1987-1989 CBS Summer Playhouse (TV series) (supervising sound editor - 2 episodes) 1989 When We Were Young (TV movie) (sound assistant) 1989 Shannon's Deal (TV movie) (supervising sound editor) 1989 Society (sound designer) 1989 The Forgotten (TV movie) (supervising sound editor) 1989 Big Man on Campus (supervising sound editor) 1989 Police Academy 6: City Under Siege (sound editor) 1989 Bridesmaids (TV movie) (supervising sound editor - uncredited) 1989 The Outside Woman (TV movie) (supervising sound editor) 1989 Brotherhood of the Rose (TV mini-series) (sound editor) 1989 The Cover Girl and the Cop (TV movie) (supervising sound editor) 1989 Making Out (TV series) (supervising sound editor) 1989 Charlie (TV movie) (supervising sound editor) 1988 Split Decisions (sound designer) 1988 Favorite Son (TV mini-series) (supervising sound editor) 1988 Indiscreet (TV movie) (supervising sound editor - uncredited) 1988 Dadah Is Death (TV movie) (sound assistant - uncredited) 1988 Crossing the Mob (TV movie) (sound assistant) 1988 Cohen and Tate (supervising sound editor) 1988 The People Across the Lake (TV movie) (sound assistant - uncredited) 1988 Elvira: Mistress of the Dark (foley stepper) 1988 Higher Ground (TV movie) (sound assistant) 1988 Stealing Home (supervising sound editor) 1988 Nightmare at Bitter Creek (TV movie) (supervising sound editor) 1988 Promised a Miracle (TV movie) (supervising sound editor) 1988 Pin (supervising sound editor - uncredited) 1988 Illegally Yours (sound designer) 1988 Necessity (TV movie) (supervising sound editor) 1988 The Taking of Flight 847: The Uli Derickson Story (TV movie) (sound editor) 1988 Dirty Dozen: The Series (TV series) (sound editor) 1988 The Attic: The Hiding of Anne Frank (TV movie) (sound assistant - uncredited) 1988 The New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking (supervising sound editor) 1988 Addicted to His Love (TV movie) (supervising sound editor) 1988 Aaron's Way (TV series) (sound) 1988 Longarm (TV movie) (supervising sound editor) 1988 The Dirty Dozen: The Fatal Mission (TV movie) (sound designer - uncredited) 1988 Cop (supervising sound editor) 1988 Return of the Living Dead Part II (sound designer, sound effects editor) 1987/I The Little Match Girl (TV movie) (supervising sound editor) 1987 Breaking Home Ties (TV movie) (sound assistant) 1987 Billionaire Boys Club (TV movie) (sound editor) 1987 Bay Coven (TV movie) (sound designer - uncredited) 1987 Right to Die (TV movie) (supervising sound editor - uncredited) 1987 thirtysomething (TV series) (sound designer) 1987 Assault and Matrimony (TV movie) (supervising sound editor - uncredited) 1987 Bluffing It (TV movie) (sound assistant - uncredited) 1987 The Man Who Fell to Earth (TV movie) (supervising sound editor - uncredited) 1987 Summer Heat (supervising sound editor) 1987 The Offspring (studio sound recordist - as Clancey Troutman) 1987 In the Mood (supervising sound editor) 1987 Desperado (TV movie) (sound editor - uncredited) 1987 Her Secret Life (TV movie) (sound designer - uncredited) 1987 Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol (sound editor - uncredited) 1987 Spies (TV series) (sound assistant) 1987 Dirty Dozen: The Deadly Mission (TV movie) (sound designer - uncredited) 1987 The Kindred (supervising sound editor - uncredited) 1987 Shell Game (TV series) (supervising sound editor) 1986 Christmas Eve (TV movie) (supervising sound editor - uncredited) 1986 Where Are the Children? (sound designer - uncredited) 1986 52 Pick-Up (supervising sound editor) 1986 Rage of Angels: The Story Continues (TV movie) (sound designer) 1986 Better Days (TV series) (sound designer) 1986 Doing Life (TV movie) (supervising sound editor) 1986 Heart of the City (TV series) (sound editor) 1986 Jack and Mike (TV series) (sound editor) 1986 Second Serve (TV movie) (supervising sound editor) 1986 The Deliberate Stranger (TV movie) (sound designer - uncredited) 1986 Dallas: The Early Years (TV movie) (supervising sound editor - uncredited) 1986 Police Academy 3: Back in Training (sound editor - uncredited) 1986 Matlock (TV series) (sound assistant) 1986 Peter the Great (TV mini-series) (assistant sound editor) 1986 Club Med (TV movie) (sound designer) 1986 Desperado (sound editor) 1986 Flag (sound designer) 1985 Kane & Abel (TV mini-series) (supervising sound editor) 1985 Shadow Chasers (TV series) (sound designer) 1985 An Early Frost (TV movie) (supervising sound editor) 1985 North and South (TV mini-series) (supervising sound editor) 1985 The Long Hot Summer (TV movie) (supervising sound editor - uncredited) 1985 The Insiders (TV series) (supervising sound editor) 1985 The Heavenly Kid (supervising sound editor - uncredited) 1985 Deadly Intentions (TV movie) (supervising sound editor) 1985 A Death in California (TV mini-series) (supervising sound editor) 1985 Me and Mom (TV series) (sound assistant - 1 episode) 1985 Lady Blue (TV series) (sound editor) 1985 Girls Just Want to Have Fun (sound designer - uncredited) 1985 Wallenberg: A Hero's Story (TV movie) (supervising sound editor) 1985 Murder with Mirrors (TV movie) (supervising sound editor - uncredited) 1985 The Bad Seed (TV movie) (supervising sound editor) 1985 The New Kids (sound designer - uncredited) 1984 Fatal Vision (TV movie) (supervising sound editor) 1984 Ellis Island (TV mini-series) (supervising sound editor) 1984 Shattered Vows (TV movie) (supervising sound editor) 1984 City Killer (TV movie) (supervising sound editor) 1984 Murder, She Wrote (TV series) (sound editor) 1984 Hot Pursuit (TV series) (sound editor) 1984 Hawaiian Heat (TV series) (supervising sound editor) 1984 Rare Breed (sound designer) 1984 George Washington (TV mini-series) (sound designer) 1984 Celebrity (TV mini-series) (supervising sound editor) 1983 Princess Daisy (TV movie) (supervising sound editor - uncredited) 1983 The Osterman Weekend (sound designer - uncredited) 1983 Tiger Town (TV movie) (supervising sound editor) 1983 Secrets of a Mother and Daughter (TV movie) (supervising sound editor) 1983 Scarecrow and Mrs. King (TV series) (supervising sound editor - 1 episode) 1983 The Yellow Rose (TV series) (sound assistant) (supervising sound editor) 1983 Triumphs of a Man Called Horse (sound designer) 1983 Goodnight, Beantown (TV series) (sound editor) 1983 Rage of Angels (TV movie) (supervising sound editor - uncredited) 1983 Packin' It In (TV movie) (sound designer - uncredited) 1983 Perry Mason (TV movie) (supervising sound editor) 1982 Killing 'em Softly (sound designer) 1982 Don't Go to Sleep (TV movie) (supervising sound editor - uncredited) 1982 Desire, the Vampire (TV movie) (sound designer) 1982 Ladies and Gentlemen, the Fabulous Stains (supervising sound editor - uncredited) 1982 Money on the Side (TV movie) (sound designer) 1982 Life of the Party: The Story of Beatrice (TV movie) (supervising sound editor) 1982 Ripley's Believe It or Not! (TV series) (sound assistant) 1982 Charles & Diana: A Royal Love Story (TV movie) (supervising sound editor) 1982 The Executioner's Song (TV movie) (supervising sound editor) 1982 The Beastmaster (supervising sound editor - uncredited) 1982 Fast Times at Ridgemont High (sound editor - uncredited) 1982 The Renegades (TV movie) (supervising sound editor) 1982 The Mississippi (TV series) (sound assistant) 1982 Hollywood: The Gift of Laughter (TV documentary) (sound) 1982 Eleanor, First Lady of the World (TV movie) (sound designer) 1982 A Question of Honor (TV movie) (sound designer) 1982 A Piano for Mrs. Cimino (TV movie) (sound designer - uncredited) 1982 Vice Squad (supervising sound editor - uncredited) 1982 James' Boys (TV series) (supervising sound editor) 1981 The Steeler and the Pittsburgh Kid (TV movie) (sound designer) 1981 Silence of the North (sound editor) 1981 The Manions of America (TV mini-series) (sound designer) 1981 Broken Promise (TV movie) (sound designer - uncredited) 1981 Savage Harvest (sound designer - uncredited) 1980 Fighting Back (TV movie) (sound editor - uncredited) 1980 The Idolmaker (supervising sound editor - uncredited) 1980 Airplane! (supervising sound editor - uncredited) 1980 Urban Cowboy (assistant sound editor - uncredited) 1980 Escape (TV movie) (sound designer) 1979 Desperado (short) (sound assistant, sound editor) Actor (1 title) 1996 The Undercover Kid (Movie) Spotted Dog (voice) (as Clancy Troutman) Thanks (1 title) 2009 The Hustler (TV series) (special thanks - 1 episode - as Clancy Troutman)