Filmography Hide Show Actor (52 titles) 1996 Time Well Spent (TV movie) Man 1994 There Goes My Baby Mr. Pitman 1993 Harts of the West (TV series) Fred Pilot (1993) Fred 1993 Roc (TV series) Maitre D' You Don't Send Me No Flowers (1993) Maitre D' 1991 For the Boys Technical Director, Awards T.V. Show 1991 Growing Pains (TV series) Dr. Salakian Jason Sings the Blues (1991) Dr. Salakian 1991 Eve of Destruction Dr. Heller 1990 China Beach (TV series) Dr. Harbert One Small Step (1990) Dr. Harbert 1990 Life Goes On (TV series) Tony Libby's Sister (1990) Tony 1990 Nightmare on the 13th Floor (TV movie) Hotel Clerk 1990 Singer & Sons (TV series) Mr. Fricker Two Sons for Singer (1990) Mr. Fricker 1990 Crazy People Hit and Run Victim 1989 Head of the Class (TV series) Dr. Milnor The Bright Stuff: Part 1 (1989) Dr. Milnor 1989 A Cry for Help: The Tracey Thurman Story (TV movie) Officer Cooper (as Alan Haufrecht) 1989 Who's the Boss? (TV series) Hank Whiteman In Search of Tony (1989) Hank Whiteman 1989 Live-In (TV series) Dr. Lerman It Takes Two to Tutor (1989) Dr. Lerman 1988 Punky Brewster (TV series) Elmo Passed Away at Punky's Place (1988) Elmo 1988 It's a Living (TV series) Mr. Stillwell Healings, Nothing More Than Healings (1988) Mr. Stillwell 1987 The New Leave It to Beaver (TV series) Spector See You in Court (1987) Spector 1987 Night Court (TV series) Dr. Howard No Hard Feelings (1987) Dr. Howard 1987 Perfect Strangers (TV series) Mr. Crocker Taking Stock (1987) Mr. Crocker 1983-1987 Scarecrow and Mrs. King (TV series) Suitable for Framing (1987) Magic Bus (1983) 1987 Dynasty (TV series) Dr. Harold Chadway The Confession (1987) Dr. Harold Chadway The Sublet (1987) Dr. Harold Chadway The Shower (1987) Dr. Harold Chadway The Mothers (1987) Dr. Harold Chadway The Test (1987) Dr. Harold Chadway 1987 It's Garry Shandling's Show. (TV series) The Hypnotist The Morning After (1987) The Hypnotist 1986 Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color (TV series) Jason's Father Little Spies (1986) Jason's Father 1986 Starman (TV series) John Like Father, Like Son (1986) John 1986 Matlock (TV series) Diary of a Perfect Murder (1986) 1986 Remington Steele (TV series) Smokey Steele Spawning (1986) Smokey 1985 There Were Times, Dear (TV movie) Doctor Rosen 1985 My Man Adam John Walker 1984 American Dreamer Golf Buddy #2 1984 Brothers (TV series) Dr. Kresky The Wedding (1984) Dr. Kresky 1984 Footloose Coach Roger Dunbar 1983 Twilight Zone: The Movie Mr. Conroy's Son (Segment #2) 1983 St. Elsewhere (TV series) Albert Runneger Working (1983) Albert Runneger 1982 Kiss Me Goodbye Mr. Newman 1982 Family Ties (TV series) Customer #1 Death of a Grocer (1982) Customer #1 1978-1982 Lou Grant (TV series) Chope / National Editor Hunger (1982) Chope Conflict (1978) National Editor 1981 Halloween II Announcer 1981 Bosom Buddies (TV series) Mr. Miller How Great Thou Art (1981) Mr. Miller 1980 Nine to Five Chuck Strell 1980 I'm a Big Girl Now (TV series) Intern Singles Bar (1980) Intern 1978-1980 Alice (TV series) Brian Vera, the Vamp (1980) Brian Little Alice Bluenose (1979) Brian Sweet Charity (1979) Brian What're You Doing New Year's Eve? (1978) Brian Vera's Popcorn Romance (1978) Brian 1979 Blind Ambition (TV mini-series) Robert McCandless 1979 Love at First Bite Photographer 1978 Coma Dr. Marcus 1977 The Bob Newhart Show (TV series) Felon Shallow Throat (1977) Felon 1977 The Death of Richie (TV movie) Dr. Chekko 1977 Barney Miller (TV series) Antoine McCarthy Smog Alert (1977) Antoine McCarthy 1976 Delvecchio (TV series) Holman Numbers (1976) Holman 1976 Doc (TV series) Brewster The Westside Clinic and Deli (1976) Brewster 1968 The Wild Racers Virgil