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Model used to Blow up the 13th Floor:

The picture to the left is said to be the model of the Wessex Hotel that was used to blow up the 13th floor. We can definitely see the Wessex Hotel, proudly displayed on the sign in the building's top right. Overall, it looks like a genuine model of the Wessex Hotel. Note that there is no area on top to house the elevator pulley system. Either way, it was quite an explosion, and luckily it was just a model - and not the actual hotel - that received the damage. If you know where I can get one of these, or know where I can find out more information about it, please let me know.

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Alternate Views of the 13th Floor:

Behind-the-Scenes pictures of the 13th Floor come courtesy of Renee Prince. He states on his website that he was responsible for the wallpapering, woodgrain and aging, as well as inlaying the beryl and marble for certain firepaces on the 13th Floor. In essence, he was responsible for the entire 13th Floor. The layout, obviously, was determined by the layout of the other floors, and the 13th Floor had to match, architectually, anyhow; but the floor itself is a representation of a time gone by. An anachronistic era whose individualistic style refuses to be lost to history.

Courtesy of:

A lot of the intricitity put into the design of this floor, such as the beryl and marble inlayed into the fireplace to the left, or the decorum in the, now open door, to Room #8 as seen in the picture above, cannot be seen wherewhere in the film. There is a possibility, thus, that there may have been a few cut scenes that were shot on this floor, that can now only be found on the cutting room floor. If I can get ahold of any of them, NOTTFO will be the first to know.

Does the staff use a set of service stairs, or are the stairs built into a room, at the end of the movie? The picture on the left is of when the staff arrive on the 13th Floor, via an alternate method to the elevator. The picture on the right is the behind-the-scenes picture from above. We can tell the location of the room in proximity to the service hallway by counting the support beams and load bearing columns. The open door in the picture to the right definitely appears to be the same doorway that the staff appear out of, in the picture to the left.

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