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"Well, we do get most of our things from England."
The Wessex Gift Shop


Nightmare on the 13th floor is a classic movie that never truly got a chance to shine. We may never see an official DVD release (although there is hope!) but the thing that we all should be most thankful for is that the movie was at least, released on VHS. Because of this, as long as we have the VHS tape, a VHS players (and, now, this site!) hopefully the movie will once again finally be given the spotlight and attention it deserves.

You have to remember that the movie was created in a time when television censorship was at it's highest. Foul language is kept to a minimum, there is absolutely no nudity, and there is no gore, and blood is kept to a minimum. With a small budget and so many filming limitations, suspensfulness became the key to delivering a successful film. Creative camera usage, eloquent decorum and elaborate architecture help to set the stage. Mix in the stunning and suspensful score, a cast of characters who gave it their all, and a clever script, and you are able to produce an astounding movie, with a ton of limitations or not.

I think that what really drew a lot of people in would be a combination of the name and box artwork. With digital downloads, interactive TV menus that allow you to choose and watch any movie any time you want, and red boxes that allow you to rent videos at the touch of a finger, actual video rental stores are long becoming things of the past. As videos weren't so easily accessible during the late 1980s and early 1990s, VHS box covers had to be a little more imaginative in those days (versus DVD covers today), and many people would walk the aisles of their local video rental store, eagerly searching for something eye-catching. The picture of a man with an axe (the focal point being black on red), gargoyles, the number 13 and word "nightmare" are all elements that helped to draw in renters. And what I understand, those things were indeed what caught the attention of so many. Unfortunately, with the waining popularity of VHS, and the fact that there is no official DVD release, so many people have slowly forgotten about this movie. I am hoping that my site will bring the movie back into the subconscious of the populace and help to induce memories of the movie in the minds of all those who, like myself, first saw it in 1990. May the movie live on forever.

The first places to check would probably be local pawn shops, consignment shops, thrift stores and secondhand stores. And keep an eye out whenever you visit one. A copy in almost near mint condition may usually be acquired for only a dollar or two. If you don't live near a pawn shop or secondhand store, or ones near you don't carry this classic masterpiece, refer to the information below to find other ways that you can watch and/or acquire a copy of this superb suspense classic.


On [2013.11.08], Blockbuster Video announced that it will be permanently closing down its remaining 300 retail establishments. While this is horrible for not only the 2,800 employees that will lose their jobs, as well as to the fans that rented the video there, or planned to, it's a blessing in disguise for those looking to acquire a cheap copy. Video store closings mean the store will usually liquidate its inventory, selling off everything it can (which, most of the time, even include the fixtures). Because of this, a copy of the film in decent condition can usually be acquired, for only a couple bucks.


Blockbuster Video is one of the few video rental stores still remaining. The easily accessible availablility of movies today have deemed video rental stores obsolete. Blockbuster is one of the few survivors that still exist. Clicking on the link above will take you to their "Nightmare on the 13th Floor" page where you can enter your ZIP Code to find the nearest Blockbuster that carries this classic. If you currently do not already own a copy, I definitely recommend at least one rental. It'll definitely become a favorite that will guarantee many late night rentals to come.

Buying has been online for practically forever, and are well known for the services that they offer. Clicking on the link above will take you their "Nightmare on the 13th Floor" page where you are given the option of searching through various copies offered by various individuals. Select the copy that you want, and complete the ordering process in order to have the VHS shipped to your mailbox.


eBay is similiar to Amazon, the main differences being that eBay is predominantly an auction based setting and finding a copy on eBay is sometimes rare. Even though, clicking on the link above will take you to a list of search results, assuming any are available.



After years of not being able to find this film online, a fan of the film, who had recorded it off of the USA Network on its premiere debut, finally put the recording online. The whole film comes in 9 seperate parts, although Playlists have been created so that all 9 parts play back to back.
NOTTF Part 1 of 9   09:01 
NOTTF Part 2 of 9   09:35 
NOTTF Part 3 of 9   10:00 
NOTTF Part 4 of 9   08:57 
NOTTF Part 5 of 9   10:01 
   NOTTF Part 6 of 9   09:43
 NOTTF Part 7 of 9   10:40
 NOTTF Part 8 of 9   08:51
 NOTTF Part 9 of 9   08:23
- Parts 1 through 9, back to back
- Full movie with Portuguese Brazilian subtitles

Fan-made DVDs


An enterprising fan has taken a copy of the VHS and has been creating his own DVD version of the film. Not sure if there is any kind of copyright infringement intended, as the movie will probably never see an official DVD release. But the film is just a copy, and the disc comes with a nice jewel case which takes the VHS boxart and gives it a refreshened modern DVD look. Prices are extremely reasonable, so if you don't have access to being able to acquire a VHS copy of the film, or just want a copy on DVD, this might be your best bet. Click on the link above for more.